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SorrelHorse 09-07-2011 11:26 AM

High Performance Supplement For the Older Equine
So, it's not that Rebel is showing any sort of soundness issues, or any sort of slow-down for that matter....But since he is approaching 19 I want to get something to put him on, just in case. I had been feeding a joint supplement last winter during the Equestrian team, but I didn't see much differance (Not that I expected a HUGE change, simply because he is so sound and so in-shape,) so I want to try something else.

I'll have him on rice bran for his coat, I have some herbs the Chiro gave me to help keep his body strong (Apparantly his liver was being slow...Not enough to REALLY cause him to lag but enough that it could decrease his performance)

I want something to help keep his joints sound, and all-around just to help the performance horse stay performing - What would you suggest?

StreakersCowgurl 09-07-2011 01:09 PM

Hi there...I just posted on another thread about the supplement I use and I love it! I feed it with only a handful of grain since it is meant to be fed as a stand alone. It covers everything the horse needs and the company it fantastic to work with. It's Platinum Performance Equine. I have been feeding it for almost 2 years and can only say that all my horses look great, feel great and perform great. I have 3yr olds to 20 something yr olds on it. And no I don't work for them lol....I just read back over my post and it looks like an advertisement lol

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