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corporate pride 09-07-2011 11:51 PM

FINALLY got to ride BOTH horses again!
I am sooo stoked!
on Sunday i finally got to ride ozzie again!

i haven't been able to ride him since April. early April my previous horse deliberately double barrelled me in my face. so i was out for at least a week then i started trialling a new horse to buy, got rid of the other horse marco. then may ozzie a row of barbed wire fell off the fence into ozzies paddock and my poor old man (18 now) got it wrapped around his leg! so i shifted him to the property that i bought my new horse barney from. i was battling uphill getting the wound to heal by following the vets advise, in the end i asked the property owner and vet nurses on the property, then when i had a glimpse of hope that i would be able to ride him soon....he got an abscess in his hoof!!!! 1 and 1/2 weeks yarded hi leg healed great (i will know for next time) and the abscess FINALY healed.
so 1 week later i had barney booked in for Bowen therapy (a follow up) i rode barney then he got the Bowen then i got on ozzie :)

now last year around may he decided he doesn't want to jump anymore, so i had a tiny cross rail jump grid up for barney so i thought i would get ozzie to trot through it, not expecting him to jump (i forgot spurs LOL) as i couldn't barley get him to MOVE! lol it was like riding a riding school pony that's dead to the leg, i got 3 cante4r strides then he would WALK! LOL so when i took him through the grid he strided and JUMPED perfectly, i was amazed! i was in my dressage saddle at dressage length but it didn't affect me at all. so i did that a few times then took him over the big cross (60cms) thinking he was just gonna stop at it, nope ears pricked and jumped effortlessly!
we had maybe a 10minute ride LOL poor boy was puffed!

soooo had to share that with everyone! sooo happy that i can ride my favourite horse again (don't tell barney). i have owned ozzie for almost 6 years and the time i bought him i was sooo timid and expected to be chucked off every chance (bad horse before him) so after 2 1/2 years i was FINALLY comfortable on him! if i didn't find him at that stage i would have probably never ridden again.
can't wait to get back on him again!

WildAcreFarms 09-08-2011 10:00 PM

that is AWESOME! So glad you got to ride your horses again. I know what it's like to have a hurt horse and it takes FOREVER to be able to ride again! good job :)

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