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SonnyWimps 06-04-2008 09:49 PM

Me and Sonny on our first trail ride together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me and Sonny had our first trail ride together on Tuesday
He was perfect...he's the perfect trail mount. He acted as if he had been on those trails all of his life! He totally surprised me! No loooking around like he was nervous...just kept walking and following the horse in front of him.

and I even took the lead at one point when the other girl didn't konw which way to go....and he was fine again.

I'm soooooo proud of him!!!

americancowgurl31391 06-04-2008 10:21 PM

Thats great...Yeah some horses just love the trail. I know mine does.

PoptartShop 06-04-2008 10:48 PM

That's great news, SW! :D Give him hugs for meeee, what a good boy!

SonnyWimps 06-04-2008 10:54 PM

of course I'll give him a hug for you Poptart!!
He was such a good boy and I can't say I was calm through the whole thing. There has been alot of reports of deers, 4-wheelers, and other animals in the trails that have spooked even the bombproof lesson horses....scary hehe.

PaintHorseMares 06-04-2008 11:04 PM

Great! Our mares are all great on the trail (they all get bored in the ring) and you can always relax and trust that a good trail horse will take care of you!

HooverH 06-05-2008 06:35 AM

Woo Sonny! I love it when the horse goes "it's okay Mommy, I know what I'm doing!" :D

SonnyWimps 06-05-2008 09:25 AM


Originally Posted by HooverH
Woo Sonny! I love it when the horse goes "it's okay Mommy, I know what I'm doing!" :D

that's exactly how he was....every 10-15 minutes he'd turn his head to look at me kinda like checking to make sure I was still alright hehe.

Yeah he was such a good boy!!!!!! I was totally surprised though because usually he spooks alot at anything he's not familiar with....(cause he does it all the time in the arena) but nope...we passed chipmunks, old broken down tractors (the old kind that are all rusty and no one even wants to touch hehe), lots of birds, cars, and he was perfect!!!! :D :D

farmpony84 06-05-2008 09:58 AM

Can I have him?

PoptartShop 06-05-2008 12:23 PM

Awww that's soo good. I love when my horse turns & does that to me, it makes my heart melt LOL!

Brandon 06-05-2008 01:09 PM

WOW! I am so happy for you!! man sonny sounds like a natural when it comes to trail ridin.. i bet it was really relaxin and i bet you had a good time, and hopefully every trail ride you have with sonny can be like that one.

Good job!

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