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Beauseant 09-09-2011 08:04 AM

OTTB MUST have his dinner on time ...or else...
he gets spasmodic colic episodes.

Due to work hour changes, we've been trying to push our OTTB's grain feeding back an hour and a half.....

each time we do, he colics. so we tried pushing it back 15 minutes at a time each day....which worked until we reached the hour mark, then he got a belly ache again ......

He is definately prone to these mild spasmodic colic episodes as he has had alot of them....once while being out in the hot summer sun too long and drinking alot of water, once when we first moved him to his new home and were trying to get his grain amount slowly back up to where it was before we moved, and three times when we push his feeding back more than an hour......

Anyone else have this problem?

Well, the end of this story is that the boss has been told that the availability hours cannot change. She wasn't happy but she really can't complain too much as the availability was made known before hiring.

Our horses come first.

IDKY 09-10-2011 02:44 PM

How interesting. Ours don't get fed on a strict schedule, more of a timeframe. They get breakfast between 5-9AM and dinner between 4-7PM.

Could you get a slow feed hay net in his stall and stuff it full so he has something to pick at all day inbetween feedings or is he out on grass?

stevenson 09-12-2011 05:10 PM

I dont know what you feed, but would it possible for you to increase the amount of hay, so that there is always some hay in the feeder, and then he could eat as nature intended, a little amount off and on all day? This is how i feed the TB's that I own, as they take twice the food as the drafts and quarters. I also use an old water trough, large oblong shaped, so they can eat with thier heads in the down position. Also this way, you do not have to be on a time schedule to feed!

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