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ilovemyhorsies 09-09-2011 08:52 AM

Lost my girl today :c
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She had only just turned 11 today... and she was a few days away from a new life as a broodmare with her almost-owner.

Miss her so much, :c

It's not fair!

jrcci 09-09-2011 08:55 AM

i am so sorry to hear that :(

HeroMyOttb 09-09-2011 08:55 AM

I'm sorry. What happen to her?

gigem88 09-09-2011 08:55 AM

I'm very sorry for your loss.

MHFoundation Quarters 09-09-2011 09:33 AM

So sorry for your loss :(

Alwaysbehind 09-09-2011 09:44 AM

Sorry for your loss.

Speed Racer 09-09-2011 09:47 AM

My condolences on your loss.

coffeegod 09-09-2011 01:04 PM

Dang, that sucks. So very sorry.

AlexS 09-10-2011 01:27 PM

Very sorry to hear that. My condolences.

Clayton Taffy 09-10-2011 01:33 PM

So sorry , she was beautiful!!

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