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Rachel1786 09-09-2011 11:39 PM

english saddle needs seat lifted up a bit?
I'm not really sure how to make a title that describes what I mean. My friends(is it weird I have a friend 10 years younger then me lol) mom finally let her come back to the barn after a month of being grounded, so she's gone a month without riding. Today soon after she got there we rode, she started off riding Bella(my horse) and I Alibi(the horse she leases). Normally when I ride Alibi I use my wintec pro dressage saddle but since I had her use that on Bella I used her wintec A/P. As soon as I started posting I noticed something was off, Alibi has a difficult trot, but normally(using my saddle) I can post to it with just a little more effort then normal. Today it seemed nearly impossible, I kept getting left behind and having trouble sitting lightly and then needing a lot of effort to rise. So as I was walking around I was trying to figure out if I was sitting differently and the more I thought about it, the more I felt like the saddle was off balance and tilted backwards. Then when we switched she could clearly feel the same thing after riding in my level saddle. Before she got in trouble she was so used to riding in that saddle that she never noticed it, but going a month and riding Bella first made her fully aware of the difference.

Are there any pads that you would recommend to compensate? I know Ideally she should sell the saddle and get one that fits better but her mom just bought her that saddle a few months ago and there is no way she is going to let her sell it and get a new one. One of us is going to try to remember to bring a level to the barn tomorrow and I will try to get some pics to post. I told her she can use my saddle as long as no one is using it on Bella since it fits Alibi better then the A/P does.

Delfina 09-10-2011 12:06 AM

You can use riser pads.

Couple different companies make half pads that you can put inserts in the front or back as needed. I have a Thinline and my trainer has a Mattes. I'd have a saddle fitter come out though and see if the fit is hopeless and she *has* to buy a new saddle, if re-flocking could fix the issue or if a riser pad will. The half pads with inserts are not cheap, you can spend as much or more on one than her Wintec cost.

tinyliny 09-10-2011 12:42 AM

This is really great that you noticed the problem and the cause. A lot of people have this issue and don't realize that it is easily cured with a riser pad.
The hrose I rode today had a similar issue. The saddle fits ok, I guess, but he is a very uphill built horse , so my dressage saddle was angled up in front. This promotes a "chair" seat, with the dificulty of being left behind and having a hard time sitting quietly. I really struggled with that today, and next time I ride will put a wegdge in back (though I hate to raise my self off the back)

jumanji321 09-14-2011 11:12 PM

Those riser pads really make things easier for you and in turn make it easier for your horse. You can get a better position and this helps your horse move better.

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