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Tayz 09-10-2011 09:38 PM

what items do you need for a horse first up
So Im getting my first horses, ive been riding at a club for years and we are going to look at one this afternoon but who knows. But before we get a horse I want to have everything that i can buy before hand so that Im ready. Im going to be aggisting him at my riding club to start with as they have good facilities for me to work with. but anyway put your list of items that you think are needed now, and what needs to be bought later.
Ive been debating about rugs too, which needs to be bought up straight, a waterproof and a day rug, or just a day rug, or just a waterproof because im going to be rugging the horse everyday...
Heres what i can think of that i need straight away:
Halter and lead rope
Rug dep on weather
Place to keep horse(which i have sorted)
Grooming brushes.

Things i need afterward:

and thats all i can think of right now. I know i havent put much, its just my head isnt working, got a bit of a cold :( but what can anyone else add?

Delfina 09-10-2011 10:07 PM

Money..... LOTS of money.

equiniphile 09-10-2011 10:11 PM

Fly spray, extra leads, a saddle fitter to make sure your saddle fits, bathing supplies, hoof picks...

Don't forget a medical bag. Horses are accident-magnets, and it's always good to keep a bag/case with Bute, wraps, etc. on hand.

Tayz 09-10-2011 10:56 PM

Yep, weve saved up quite a lot of money for this. its not just a thing we decided yesterday. about 2 months ago we agreed.
I dont need the fly spray because my club has it and will let me use it, shampoo i will buy myself, already own three hoofpicks, will get my friend to help us fit a saddle well as she does it all the time for everyone and has good recommendations and yes i have half a medical bag done up, just need some more things i could add. Adding Shampoo and More medical items to my list :) thankyou

Saskia 09-11-2011 01:41 PM

Buckets. Lots of buckets. You can never have too many buckets.

I'd have a spare halter and lead as well. Collect numbers of a reliable vet, farrier and dentist. When you get your first saddle unless your friend is really, really good at fitting saddles and possibly restuffing (for english saddles), I think it would be worth paying to get out a good saddle fitter. So many problems can arise from a saddle that doesn't fit quite right.

Depending on the season and where you keep your horse you might need multiple rugs, ie. warm, warm and waterproof, cool and waterproof. Don't buy them all at the same time, buy one take it home, try it on, use it for a few days and see what kind of "rug horse" yours is. Does he rip them to shreds easily, does he roll, etc, you might need different features. Try not to rely too much on stuff from where you keep your horse, its always best to have your own everything.

Kayty 09-11-2011 09:26 PM

A lot of the things on your list can't really be purchased until you buy the horse.

Rugs are like jeans - it's not one size fits all. One 16hh horse may fit into a 6' rug, while the next will be in a 6'6 and the next a 5'9. Wait until you buy the horse to buy a rug.

Same goes for a saddle. Not all saddles will fit all horses. Some saddles will NOT fit a certain horse no matter how much you spend of a saddle fitter, because the tree is moulded to a certain shape that cannot be altered. Is your friend able to remove, repack and shape stuffing in a saddle to fit a horse? Or is she just good at picking if a saddle is not sitting correctly?
Don't buy a saddle until you buy a horse.

Bridles, well, up to you. But same deal as with rugs, a 16hh horse may fit a full size bridle, the next 16hh may fit a cob size and the next may fit a warmblood size.
Same goes for bits, bits for horses are like shoes for people. Some horses hate some bits while the next may love that bit. Sizes range hugely as well, a too small or too big bit will have a dramatic impact on how a horse travels.

What you can buy in advance, is the generic gear such as brushes etc.
You can put together a first aid kid, get a list of farriers, vets and dentists in your area, put a grooming kit together, make sure you have found a suitable agistment, or if you have your own property, go through your paddocks thoroughly to ensure there is no stray wire or any other matriels/holes etc. that could cause injury to your new horse.

Stan 09-11-2011 10:06 PM

Don't buy for the horse until you have it One size does not fit all. and that applies to everything.

They say owning a boat is likened to throwing money into a hole in the ocean.
Owning a horse the hole is bigger, but the emotional return is greater than owning a boat.
(So sayith my wife) I jest and hope she does not read this particular thread.

Horses cost, and it can run away with you. But enjoy.

Tayz 09-11-2011 11:51 PM

Thankyou everyone and the reason I listen to my friends advice is because she works at the shop Horseland and is actually a saddle fitter, so she fits saddles to horses all the time. I've found a good horse, hopefully riding him this afternoon so I can make up my full mind about him as I saw him yesterday, got to get to know him on the ground. Hes about 16.1hh Thoroughbred, non raced so he actually looks more thicker in the neck then most thoroughbreds. Im so happy that you guys have taken your time to reply to this, ive found a lot of stuff i can use, Thankyou :D

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