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ElizabethClem 09-11-2011 10:02 AM

Halter Showmanship
I would love Mayder to learn how to do showmanship cause, the open shows I used to go to I wanted to do them but he's not the best at 1.) Pivoting 2.)Getting square (him being a saddlebred, I tought him to park out and that kinda killed some area's until he either forgets how to, or learn a different way to let him know thats not what i want.) 3.) Trotting off *with* me rather then taking forever, or me having to carry a whip.

BarrelRacer95 01-21-2012 10:30 PM

For pivoting just Back him a step so he can set back on his back leg and then when you you go to set his back leg face him like your backing him then turn your body to where your face its facing his face and push his lead the direction you want him to go and walk towards his face. But at first he wont want to do it so take your lead and just kinda hit him on the shoulder not hard just to where he can feel it...when you get to a 90 degree angle then start to kinda push back but keep walking. For trotting off when you are walking just kinda squat down lean forward and double click once you start going you can stop squating...but if he doesnt trot off with you just keep a little crop in your left hand and when you squat down and clicking just hit the crop behind your back where its bumoing his side. That way he knows to move on when you click, squat and lean forward. The setting up ive never done a standerbred so i cant help you there. sorry.!

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