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Kymbadina 09-11-2011 09:28 PM

Birthday cake recipe?
So the 17th is the day that marks we've had my gelding for one wonderful year. We are hosting a bbq at my barn in celebration. I want to make him a cake for his "birthday"
I though eh just a plain old carrot cake but I don't want to make it unhealthy or risk something that will cause colic. So I've been online looking for horse friendly ingredients..I'm okay with a little higher sugar startch for this cake. He currently gets Gro n win ration balancer so theres really low startch/sugar/non structural carbs. Any help??

I'm trying to avoid something like this:
Horsey B-Day Cake

4 cups sweet feed or oats
1 cup molasses or honey
3 carrots cut into sticks and shreds
1 apple

4 cups sweet feed or oats? AND molasses or honey...uhh no thank you.. I was wondering what about organic whole grain flour or something similar..Think a vanilla cake mix from say whole foods or trader joes would be okay?

caseymyhorserocks 11-08-2011 10:37 PM

What about adding flour some water, and other vegetables together for the main part, and applesauce for the icing? You would just need to put it in the oven for probably 20 minutes or so, probably to about 350, but check on it so it doesn't burn. I bet you could put some of his grain in the cake for him to!

QOS 11-08-2011 10:49 PM

Make him some Biscotti! My horse and my cousin's horse LOVE it. So does everyone else - it is easy to make and crunchy as all get out without being overly sweet.

Here is how I make my Biscotti -

preheat oven to 325 to 350 (325 if your oven runs a little hot!)

Betty Crocker Butterpecan cake mix
1 cup flour
1 stick unsalted butter (not margarine! there is no substitute for BUTTER!)
2 eggs
1/2 to 1 cup pecans

Mix in a Kitchen Aid mixer until well mixed and coming away from the side of bowl. Spray a cookie sheet with Baker's Joy. Pat the cookie dough out into a 5" wide by 19" or so log that is about 1" thick. Pat in place and use a rolling pin if necessary. Square up the sides with a spatula.

Bake for 30 minutes and remove from oven. Use a sharp knife to cut into little 1" logs on the 5" side so that each Biscotti is about 5" long by 1" thick. Turn each Biscotti on its side.

Return to oven and TURN OFF THE OVEN. Leave cookies in the oven until oven is cold. May take a couple of hours. Store in a air tight container.

These are crazy delicious and the horses are as crazy about them as we are. LOL my riding buddies go crazy when I bring them. They will keep for a long time as long as you keep them air tight. They put commercial Biscotti to shame.

Oh yeah...and happy birthday to your boy!!

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