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MissColors 09-12-2011 05:17 PM

i want to make you money by letting me board.
I am moving to Rhode Island and I need a place to board my horses. I only have two. I will pay for my feed, and hay, and farrier and everything else I just need somewhere to keep them. I don't need a fancy arena or millions of miles of trails. Just a pasture big enough to ride in. They're used to being in a heard of four but if you've got the space they should be fine. Your farm can be in northern connecticut or southern massachusets. I don't mine driving. I'm hoping not to pay more than $350 for both of my horses together. So even if you no longer need that old barn that had horses in it millions of years ago. I don't mind fixing it up in exchage for board or if you have ten horses I will clean your stalls every other day for board. If your not far I will feed every evening and clean for board. I will negotiate I am flexible. Even if you want to teach your kids about horses, I can babysit. I'm not an expert but I am willing to share everything I know. I'm hoping to have a stable(no pun intended, but lol) answer by the end of this week. Even if you just have a pasture with a nice run in shelter I will be satisfied. I just need help.

Please reply here, or email me at

Or if you can direct me toward anyone, please do.

Sincere thanks,

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