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MadamKing 09-12-2011 08:06 PM

Feeding lupins
Hi All,
So my showjumper at the moment, is just coming back into work from a 4 month spell over the winter (we are in Australia). She is currently getting fed:

1 dipper lucerne chaf
1 dipper horse & pony pellets
1/2 dipper steam flaked mollasses barley
1/2 dipper oats

2 dippers lucerne
2 dippers pellets
1 dipper barley
1 dipper oats
1/2 dipper of lupins
1 teaspoon suphur
1 t/spoon garlic
20 ml cod liver oil

My question is, do I feed lupins both morning and night? And how long do I soak them for? At the moment, she is just getting them at night, and they go in the water to soak around 8 am and I feed up no later than 5pm. So they soak for about 8-9 hours. If I am not going to feed til late because of unavoidable things, I don't make up lupins because I heard they can be toxic if left too long.

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