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Stan 09-13-2011 04:09 AM

How do you
This will be a waist of time and effort, but help is required. After hours of failure and much pulling of hair which is a big ask of my head. Not that I don't have any hair, its just short and lots of gaps inbetween strands. This is not the reason for this post :lol:

The reason for the post is HOW do you attach a photo from ones computer onto this page. :shock:

Please answer with a smile as it is not really a waste of time. I may have some good photos to share, (my baby photes) :oops: and you who reply are getting typing practice

mbender 09-13-2011 05:53 AM

When you post something go to the advanced posting on the bottom of the original post. It has a attachment sign at the top. Click that and click browse. Then you can go to pictures from your computer and click a pic. Then click upload. Good luck.
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Stan 09-13-2011 06:34 AM

Is it really that easy. Copious amounts of egg on face.

Alwaysbehind 09-13-2011 06:34 AM

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Please excuse my lack of proper computer terminology.

There are two ways to post photos.

If the photos are on your computer and not hosted on a site (like photo bucket) you use that little paper clip at the top. Top row of option icons above, just to the right of the smiley (In the reply window).

Click that. You get a pop up. In the pop up the top box is "Upload Fire from your Computer". Hit the Browse button and navigate around until you find the photo you want to attach. Pick it and hit 'open' at the bottom of the navigation page.

This will take you back to that original pop up. You will see the path for the photo you wanted will show in what was the white box next to the browse button.
Now hit the 'upload' button that is just to the right of the browse button.
White box next to the browse button is now empty and there is a third box down called "Current Attachments". Your photo name should show there (along with its size).

If you want to attach more things repeat the Browse and upload thing.

When you are done you can hit the 'Close this Window' button at the bottom.

When you hit Submit Reply on your post your image will show.

TaMMa89 09-16-2011 04:06 PM

Plus if you want to attach the picture that you've uploaded from your computer at some special place among you text, set the cursor at that place among your text, hit the paper clip icon in the message window and it should open a drop-down in which you can see pictures that you've downloaded listed as names. Hit the picture name that you want to attach the text and it should place an code like [ATTACH]XXXX[/ATTACH] in the text. That will show up as a picture in the message on the forum.

Stan 09-19-2011 04:40 AM

Thanks for all of this info and I will keep on trying to follow the help I have recieved. Not being a computer wiz its not going to be easy.

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