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cheriemoldenhauer 09-13-2011 11:52 AM

Sharon Saare Endurance Saddle
Sharon Saare Endurance Saddle for sale, 15" seat cc tree in excellent condition. Very comfortable saddle. I also have a almost new woolback saddle pad and wool seat cover I will sell. Will ship for the cost of shipping. Located in Montana, US

cheriemoldenhauer 09-13-2011 11:58 AM

sharon saare endurance saddle
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Here are pictures of it.

tinyliny 09-13-2011 02:38 PM


cheriemoldenhauer 09-13-2011 06:03 PM

$600.00 for the saddle were you interested in the pad?

tinyliny 09-13-2011 06:06 PM

I actually have a SS saddle of my own. It doesn't fit any horse that I ride, so will need to sell it. Nice saddle, though. Wish it did fit.

cheriemoldenhauer 09-13-2011 06:43 PM

which tree do you have? it was the only saddle I could find that fit my mare.

tinyliny 09-13-2011 07:10 PM

I think it's B? I'd have to look again. Too upright angle of tree fork, and a bit too narrow in the back. Maybe better for thbd type back?

cheriemoldenhauer 09-13-2011 08:19 PM

I have a half arab mare, the double c fits her very well. The B is narrower then the double c.

anndankev 09-13-2011 08:45 PM

I have a 16 inch F tree with horn model 272. I think they are really well made and very comfortable saddles, and if you can find one that fits your horse you will be really happy with it. Mine does not fit my current horse.

To the OP can you find and post a descriptive list of the tree sizes?

I think the D tree is most like FQH bars, but cannot find the list I had saved.

cheriemoldenhauer 09-13-2011 08:51 PM

I have this about my saddle. I'm not finding the time to do endurance that's why I'm selling the saddle.
C Width Accommodates a wider backed horse, but still of the breed type . . . Just a thicker set. Used more on Arabs, Morgan's, and Tennessee Walkers.
The above trees work best on horses whose backs slope away from the spine. The following are for flatter backed horses.
CC Width Like the C tree, but better for horses that are flatter over the back and loin. Also good if horse is slightly sway backed or bunchy shouldered, or whose croup is higher than withers.

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