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Endiku 09-13-2011 05:54 PM

aftermath- severe neck infection.
I'm sure some of you read about Montigo- our miniature stallion who somehow or another managed to rip his neck open about a month and a half ago, then contracted an infection that we didn't know about (the gash was under his rapunzel hair, and was found almost 24 hours after getting it, unfortunately.) until it was too late.

He was put on a bunch of antibiotics, an artificial drain, and steroids, but the infection continued to thrive for unknown reasons and he ended up with a blood infection. His neck was in critical shape for almost a month before we finally got it under control. He is finally infection free and the gash and drain sites (as well as the multiple other incisions where puss pockets abcessed and had to be opened) are in the later stages of healing.

What we're really worried about now, though, is how much his muscles have atrophied. We don't know what caused it besides keeping his head rather low for a long time due to pain, but all of the major muscles have shrunk until he looks like a scrawny stick with a huge head. He is at a normal body weight and looks fine otherwise, but his neck just looks terrible and is extremely weak. I'm constantly seeing him rest his head on his stall door, our arms...anything that is at head level, and when he does have to hold it up, he has this pained, tired look in his eyes.

Does anyone have any ideas of neck exercises I can do with him? The infection has really drained his energy and he's just now recovering his appetite and normal studly fire, but he's really worrying me. I've been trying to do some carrot stretches with him, but he seems really stiff. He won't bend far without giving up.

I've thought of a chiropractor, but I'm not sure if one would do any good? My idea was that he could be sore after all of the work that's been done, and that some massaging, etc might help.

ANY ideas are greatly appretiated. I'll try to get some pictures, also- as soon as possible. I had a few on my phone, but it was conveniently stolen a few days ago :3 oh well.

Calmwaters 09-13-2011 06:31 PM

I would call the chiropractor to see what they think. I hope he gets better for you soon.

Trinity3205 09-13-2011 07:52 PM

Give him more time. I wouldnt think a Chiro at all unless you think he has a boney issue...but maybe a massage therapiust to make him feel better. Atrophy hurts. It just takes time to heal and recover from something this invasive.

Endiku 09-14-2011 12:17 PM

I guess I'll wait a little longer then. Should I be doing carrot stretches with him, though? I don't want to be making him hurt worse than he already is- poor little guy.

I wasn't sure about the chiro, since it seems to be mostly muscular problems. Maybe I'll look into some massage therapy in a week or two.

I just feel so terrible, seeing him walk with his head dragging like it weighs a hundred pounds. He's nothing like the peppy little stud I've always known.

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