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Calmwaters 09-14-2011 07:06 PM

The Bet...
Two men are standing on the top of a 20 story buliding. The taller of the two looks down and says to the other.

"It really high up here, i sure wouldn't want to fall." The other man agreed.

"Lets have a bet then!" Says the first man. "I bet you a million dollars that i can jump off this buliding into a the tenth window and live."

seeing this as quick easy money the second man agrees.

So the first leaps of the buliding and jumps into the tenth window, prefectly fine.

He goes back up the elvator to meet up with the second man "WOW i got lucky! i bet you ten million dollars i couldn't do it again."

The second man agrees knowing this time he will fall.

but he dosen't. He leaps off the buliding and jumps into the tenth window prefectly fine!

"You own me alot of money!" The first man says on he's return. "But if you can do it, just once we'll call the bet off.

desprate the man agrees

He leaps..... falls......falls.... and hits the ground with a splat.

The policeman watching this sighs and goes up to the roof to talk to the first man.

"Superman you've GOT to stop doing that!!!!!!

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