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Calmwaters 09-14-2011 06:15 PM

Horses at school...
Horses at School

Quarter Horses: Definitely Jocks. Strutting around, flexing those muscles, showing off their butts... Not real bright, but get ahead since they're responsible for all the trophies in the glass case.

Thoroughbreds: Preppies. They are athletes, not jocks. Monogrammed blankets, leather halters, Nike eventer shoes, the latest custom trailer and tack.

Appaloosas: Could only be the stoners. They eat dried up maple leaves then watch their spots move.

Arabians: Let's get this party going!! Enough of sitting around waiting for someone else to make it happen!! GOOOOOO TEAM!!!

Shetlands: Frightening. Any color of the rainbow, spiky hairdos, snotty attitudes..... gotta be the PUNKS. Some even sport tattoos.

Freisians: Big, buff, and always in black, they are the biker clique. Cigs hanging out of their lips, dangerous glint in the eyes, daring anyone to cross their path. Always good looking.

Morgans: Totally the teachers' pets! On the Yearbook committee, the prom committee, you name it. They like to volunteer as Hall Monitors.

Drafts: No real clique, they're just the big guys who sit in the back of the room and fart a lot (and then laugh).

Icelandics and Paso Finos: Squirrelly little geeks who conduct weird experiments behind the the gym in their Toughskins that are a few inches too short (or would that be the rip-off WeatherBeetas??)

Akhal Teke: Foreign exchange students. And no one can spell their names either.

Hackney Ponies: A breed this manic would have to be a band geek. Marching along with their knees and heads held high.

Warmbloods: The school staff and faculty. Looking down their noses with righteous indignation and disgust. Secretly wishing they were having half as much fun.

FreeDestiny 09-14-2011 06:17 PM

This is so perfect haha! :D
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Ink 09-14-2011 08:19 PM

Yep I think that's about it! LOL I love it!
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