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blessi 09-15-2011 02:50 PM

Blessi won extreme trail--dressage plus
Hello All,
Kitsap Saddle Club, Port Orchard, WA held its first horse expo/extreme trail obstacle competition today. The actual course was not posted until an hour before the event so nobody except the course designer knew what was going to be on the test. I asked my dressage instructor Dannelle Haugen to ride my Icelandic horse Blessi since I strongly suspected that anything labelled "Extreme" would involve some cantering and perhaps jumping--which I don't ride. And I really wanted the people to see an Icelandic ridden at its best--which would not be me.

Blessi and Dannelle won the high point in the category of riders between 20 and 28 years old and they took the high point grand championship for the entire event with a score of 191 points out of a possible 200. They completed the course in approximately 7 minutes. One of the competitors is a regional natural horsemanship rider who teaches trail obstacle.

Blessi is 15 years old--an experienced trail horse with some dressage added in the past few years. Blessi had never done some of these obstacles. He has never dragged a barrel or or been ridden with a tarp flying over his head. I lead him on a lead line over a moveable bridge once--two years ago. Dannelle jumped him once last summer and I had him do some jumping on a lead line once--meaning he has been jumped twice. Blessi really thinks that anything new and different is fun and might involve a carrot.

Dannelle also decided to ride as much of the course at a tolt--she has had no formal training in riding the tolt but she had just ridden horses in 3 dressage classes and was tired of bouncing. Oh, and Blessi and Dannelle were the only horse/riders ridden English and Blessi was the only gaited horse in the show. I am so proud of Blessi and Dannelle.
Plus Blessi and I took a walk around the show grounds. Blessi met with lots of people who knew him, met lots of new people, and had lots of people feed him treats.

Here is a link to the video:

I think trail obstacle is dresssage plus scary objects.

Enjoy, Pamela

BaileyJo 09-15-2011 10:33 PM

Too cool! Great job!

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