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Tayz 09-16-2011 01:08 AM

Grooming Kits?
So I'd love to see what everyones grooming items or kits look like. Where i live the grooming kits are pathetic, the brushes are such low quality i snapped one with one pull through the mane. And the brush alone had cost me 7 dollars. So now that I'm buying my horse on monday i've decided I'm going to buy one from nsw via ebay as i found a nice one for sale there, with very good feedback and my friend has the same one and swears by it.
So I love grooming kits, I'm a very enthusiastic person about grooming items.
Whats your favourite item?
Mines a sheepskin cloth that make the horse shine ^^
I would LOVE to see a photo of your grooming kit to :)

DejaVu 09-16-2011 06:48 PM

No pictures on my laptop, but my favorite tool is somewhere between my curry and my little plastic comb. And my cheap Walmart wash cloths. Use them for everything from cleaning tack, to shining up a dusty coat. :-)

Tayz 09-17-2011 05:57 AM


Originally Posted by DejaVu (Post 1175412)
No pictures on my laptop, but my favorite tool is somewhere between my curry and my little plastic comb. And my cheap Walmart wash cloths. Use them for everything from cleaning tack, to shining up a dusty coat. :-)

Hahaha cool as I may need to purchase a few of those myself.
This is the grooming kit I just bought of ebay ^^
My favourite colour purple lol(nearly pink)

Cruiser 09-17-2011 07:17 AM

I have a couple of brushs from that kit, they are nice the bristles are a little stiff but work and last. The combs bend all out of shape but last too. Couldn't afford the kit it costs $50 at our tack shop. Congrats on the new horse.

My grooming kit is a couple of different rubber curries, a dandy brush, soft brush, horse hair brush (like used for shoes works great for getting rid of the fine dust), hoof picks, a wide tooth comb, a human hair brush and homemade detangler, and conditioner. It is keep in a plastic caddy thing with a handle in the middle and two "pockets" on the sides.

When I was a groom for someone with show ponies they gave me two brush (both the same), a small curry and show sheen and small pulling comb and I had to make them show ready. Ug, talk about elbow grease.

Tayz 09-17-2011 07:22 AM

Really, i love the sound of your grooming kit Cruiser, got any photos? How do you make your own homemade detangler

Cruiser 09-17-2011 07:39 AM

I probably can get a picture later, it isn't pretty just functional really.

The condition is watered down 1/4 bottle to 3/4 water, with lemon juice (like a 1 tsp). or aloe.Shake well.

I don't know where my detangler recipe is but I don't make it any more because the leave in condition works just as good and is cheaper to make.

I buy a large bottle of conditioner from the dollar store to use and a large spray bottle too. For one batch I probably costs me $.50 and I can make 6 or so bottles full. So it is easier to keep on budget.

MHFoundation Quarters 09-17-2011 07:44 AM

I keep so much in my grooming box that I couldn't fit it all in regular grooming totes, so I use one of these. I also use one for my clippers - big enough for extension cords, 3 sets of clippers, Koollube, oil, and all the blades I could possibly want in there. They best part, they have wheels :D

Shop Stanley 22" 3-Shelf Black Foam Tool Box at

I love the shelves/slots in the middle, i keep extra chicago screws, curb chains, s hooks, etc.

My favorite grooming tool, a ShamWow. They do a great job as a finish rag and dont leave any fuzz. I used to use an expensive sheepskin car chamois but they are much harder to take care of and keep clean.

Tayz 09-17-2011 08:16 AM

Cruiser- Wow that sounds pretty interesting, I want to try and home made one but I'm honestly not game to try in case I get it wrong :/
MHF- Really I never thought of a shamwow. I'm defiently going to try one of those now lol. I want that box on wheels. Wow :O that is honestly amazing, not to mention...its on wheels lol. Must have set you back a bit...but wow you have truly amazed me lol. If only they sold them around where I live! :)

MHFoundation Quarters 09-17-2011 08:20 AM

I'm sure you could find something similar. It's really supposed to be a tool box, got it at a home repair/construction type store. They weren't cheap but are durable and they close all the way so I don't lose things. Probably paid for itself with that alone :lol:

Cruiser 09-17-2011 08:22 AM

The good thing is the worst you can do is not water it down enough, than you have to wash it out or it irritates them. Really though I only make so it is slippery when you wet your fingers with it but not oily feeling.

I don't own any horse clippers (I have two sets for dog clippers because I groom dogs and goats), I like the tote on wheels though, I would be able to bring everything me at once.

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