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Mephys 09-16-2011 01:16 AM

Ariat Showbaby boots comfort?
When I started riding a few months ago, I got myself a pair of Ariat Heritage III laced paddocks boots. After a couple times riding in them they became the most comfortable pair of shoes. I do have the "english style" outfit (paddock boots, half chaps, breeches), but decided I was more comfortable riding western, and it wouldn't hurt to get a pair of western boots to wear with my jeans.

I have wide short feet and big calves and it's usually hard for me to buy taller boots. I would not typically buy without trying out first, but I found a very good deal on a pair of Ariat Showbaby boots on ebay, and figured I would give it a try in the same size.

They came in yesterday, and it is definitely the right size. The only problem is the left foot is very comfy, but my right foot feels like it's squeezed and the boot is too narrow, and it's very uncomfortable when walking.

For people with Ariat Showbaby or Fatbaby boots, do the leather typically stretch well to fit? I can definitely return them, but I do love the boots and they fit around my calves perfectly, not too snug ot not too loose, and they are also the right height considering I have very short legs. I'm just worried the right foot is always going to hurt, but it would be fine if it stretches a little. I'm also wondering if it's just "that pair" that is like that and if I should try another pair of the same model at a local store and maybe swap the right boot?

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