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touchofsleep 09-16-2011 02:15 AM

Horse managed to buck me off today..
Avtually I more so "bailed", but I couldn't really hold on much longer and he was just not stopping. He has NEVER acted like this before (with me atleast). My first thought was because I used spurrs for the first time in MONTHS. My second thought was that he was in some kind of pain. I didn't ride him yesterday and the following days he was just fine. He always gets weird when I take him out in the pasture. He was jigging a lot which I'm used to when we are out there. I set up some cones and asked him for a canter. He almost looks scared and just started bucking like a wild bronco. It was odd. He has seen cones before and we have done a lot of work with them. He has never seen them out in this pasture though. It could be his new saddle which he has rode in before and I really don't think that could be it. Any suggestions?

Annnie31 09-16-2011 06:28 AM

Is it the Radical Rodder gelding you bought a while back? He is a nice nice little horse.
A couple of things caught my attention the first being new saddle. Did you have it fitted? Does it have full Quarter Horse Bars?
The second is that you said he has never seen the cones out in his pasture before, and he looked scared. If he was he definately needs to be worked outside around different objects and some more ground work may be in order. You may have to get some help from your trainer as it is never good for a horse to succesfully buck off a rider. It can become a bad habit.
The best advice I can give you right now is to call your trainer and get some help as I know your horse is a young one if I remember correctly. They can help work you through it, and teach you how to prevent your horse from full out bucking. I would think they might want to show you how to busy his mind doing changes of direction, rollbacks, transition changes, etc etc so he is too busy to think about the buck and worry about the cones or anything else out in the riding pen.
Best of luck.

kitten_Val 09-16-2011 06:47 AM


Originally Posted by touchofsleep (Post 1174611)
I set up some cones and asked him for a canter. He almost looks scared and just started bucking like a wild bronco.

I'm pretty positive that's what happened. Exactly same thing happened to me once years ago when my horse suddenly saw those scary cows running towards her at the team penning. Even though she had seen them before. VERY scared --> bucking. I was unprepared so landed on my back.

My suggestion would be to introduce new things slowly. If he's scared - don't canter, but rather walk/trot first till he's comfortable.

BTW, we can talk for hours about "disrespect", "bad training", "horse shouldn't be bucking", etc. but it is what it is. You are done with it, analyze why it happened, and work on it so it wouldn't repeat itself.

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