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ImaFlashyBit 03-05-2007 05:22 PM

Okay this one isn't for the horses but I always wanted to do something like a Ride for Breast Cancer os something like that. There are always so many walks for cancer and bike runs that benefit it and I always thought it would be neat to have a long horse ride somewhere for cancer. I have no idea at all how to even start something like that but I think it would be cool.... Anyway ever done anything like that?

carlabunyan 03-06-2007 04:59 AM

no but i think thats a good idea

englishcowgrl 03-08-2007 05:20 PM

i think thats a great idea

MyPersonalJester 03-10-2007 06:21 PM

Thats a good idea! I dont really know how to even begin forming it though. Maybe call up the ACS and see what they say? They might be some help
I do/did Ride For Life, which was for a kidney thing here. Its a lot of fun.

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