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toosexy4myspotz 09-17-2011 02:11 PM

Benefits of a ration balancer
I am fixing to change the feed I give to my horses because we have a wide variety of breeds and disciplines and currently nobody is on the same feed which is a pain traveling to five different feed stores in a day. I always mix crimped oats, alfalfa pellets, Beet pulp, and BOSS and us a feed to supplement it. I'm wanting to look into supplementing it with a ration balancer due to the fact you only feed 1-2 pounds a day and you can use it when you mix your own feeds. We have horses that are very hard keepers and some that are extremely easy keepers. So I'm trying to find a balance with some feed that the majority of our horses can eat without being overloaded on grain. Any suggestions on what type of ration balancer is the best?

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