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ElizabethClem 09-20-2011 10:17 AM

Mayder's moved =]
We'll he has offically moved to his "mud lot" of a pasture to his new 10 acre pasture with a mare and her geldings (one is her son but all of them are "her" geldings)

He was unsure at first about the trailer but after I stepped in there he walked right on in like a dream. I tied him up and off he went. Apperently he was very 'vocal' on the ride there and left a few presents in the back seat. xD. When we (boyfriend and I) got there they had him off the trailer to cool down a bit. He was a little sweaty but for the most part he was in very nice condition.

I took off his polo's so he didn't hurt himself on the ride there and all the horses came up to the fence to see who the new guy was and so far they were great with 'introductions' And we put him in the field and he ran and ran to almost every corner- and not like HOLY CRAP WHERE ARE MY FRIENDS but like HOLY CRAP I CAN RUN. And he looked very happy to be out there of course the other horses followed him like no tomorrow. When we were out there- there was a couple of squeeling, which was expecting to happen. Its a new horse in the pecking order and by all means Mayder is not an overly dominate horse he's usually ranked a 2-3. The lead mare is well the lead mare with her Harem of guys. The BO (Karen) and I think that Mayder is going to fit in really nicely.

hunterjumper2011 09-21-2011 07:22 PM

Thats great to hear! It sounds like your horse will fit in just great at his new home :)

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