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Wallaby 09-21-2011 12:38 PM

Crooked saddle?
I've been noticing that my new Aussie saddle begins to sit on Lacey in a crooked manner once I've ridden in it for 15 minutes or so...
I've noticed this before with other saddles (for instance, my western saddle was ALWAYS crooked on her) so I'm pretty sure the tree of this new saddle is intact/not twisted.
In looking at her back, each side is definitely not symmetrical. Her left side is a lot more bulky while her right side is made up of a lot smoother muscle mass (I think...the sides might be switched..).

But, my question is what can I do about it? The pad I use is shimmable, it has little pockets that I can use to add thickness to the pad to help her back be wider, but I'm not sure how to shim it to fix this. The saddle scoots forward on the left side and scoots back on the right, so do I shim the right side or the left side? I assume maybe the right side?

Help? :)

Also, just as an update from my saddle fitting thread about this saddle, I got the wideness issue all figured out. :) I started using my western pad and a breastcollar on her which did the trick. and, I think the saddle started breaking in to her back because it's not slipping nearly as much as it had previously. :D

jumanji321 09-21-2011 11:55 PM

If it's due to her anatomy, then you might want to try exercises to even her out. It would be alot easier than just forcing your saddle to fit her.

waresbear 09-22-2011 12:20 AM

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When a horse is crooked, in my experience anyways, their spine is out of whack. If it were my horse, I would call a good horse chiropractor out.

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