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MangoRoX87 09-21-2011 11:18 PM

Help registering my horse!
I bred my mare literally months after I got her. We didn't know much about horses or how anything works. We were told that breeding her would "calm her down", so we did. We bred her to this guy:
La Roan Ranger Quarter Horse
Both her, and sire are registered (AQHA). However, we were never told that the guy who bred him, wasn't his actual owner. So, no stud report ever got turned in, even though we paid the full breeding fee. We had no idea how registering works, and didn't worry about it.
The product of this breeding is now 4, and becoming an amazing horse. She has a TON of potential, but, as I have learned, registering a 4 year old through the AQHA costs about $2000.

My friends mom recently told me about "hardship clauses". I have no idea what this is, or if it can even help me. The AQHA World is coming up, and there has always been discounts for transfers and such, so I'll try then (seeming as it's just a 15 minute drive from me).
If any one has any help, it would be much appreciated!:)

waresbear 09-22-2011 12:15 AM

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I am not familiar with hardships cases, but I know they don't hand them out as freely as they once did or if they even do that anymore. Only thing you can do is try to get ahold of the stallions' owner and get them to fill out the neccessary paperwork. Contact AQHA and find out what you need to do. As the horse gets older, it gets more expensive. It's best to have all the legwork done for the stallion's owner to sign the breeder's certificate. And he could refuse and there's not much you can do about it. Seen that happen to a lady here, person standing the stallion wasn't the owner. Owner got into a fight with that person & then wouldn't sign breeding certs for any mares during the time the stallion stood at that ranch even though full stud fees were paid. The lady with the filly burned up the phone lines to Aqha, stallion owner and even went to his house, pleading with him. No dice, the resulting offspring remains a grade horse.

Red Gate Farm 09-22-2011 12:15 PM

There are a few things you need as well. One is DNA typing for both the stallion and the mare. This is listed on their registration papers so you just look at the papers to verify.

DNA typing is required if:
  • Your horse is a stallion that is breeding mares.
  • Your horse is a mare that is being bred and was born in 1989 or later.
Then, you are ging to need Parentage verification

Parentage verification is required if:
  • Your horse is more than 48 months of age at the time the application for registration is received by AQHA.
I would check these two things first in order to see if you can verify the DNA of the sire and dam, and if you want to spend the $$.

You should also go to the AQHA site and read up on other requirements.

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