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Gidget 09-22-2011 01:58 PM

How do you know if your horse enjoys english?
Okay,so I am finding a new trainer who does strictly dressage. I am interested in jumping but my mom says she always looks "pissy" when she does it but then again she always looks that way no matter what unless she is trail riding. She says she seems to enjoy gaming more and maybe make her into a western horse....thing is I like english WAAAAAY more but enjoy barrels. So I was wondering how you can tell. I was thinking since jumping is hard on them and she doesn't seem to enjoy it then I can do english pleasure with her and dressage.Keep her on the flat. I do NOT want to sell all my english tack. I plan on making little Stormy an english horse as

tinyliny 09-22-2011 02:03 PM

Hi Gidget! I think your horse doesn't know or care what sort of saddle is on it's back. But, there are more differences in E to W than just saddle, as you well know. The main being the amount of rein/bit contact differs between the two.
I think you have to see how your horse fits there. Is she really troubled by riding on contact? and if so, is it just because she isn't used to it, and you can train her into it? You are right in that jumping is harder on the horse, and if a horse has any back issues or maybe tender feet or other pain issues, it won't enjoy jumping and will demonstrate it with pissyness.
If Gidget is always pissy, and you're sure it isn't a pain issue,, then I guess you just have to pick the lesser of the pissynesses and go with it.
She sure is a character, isn't she?

Gidget 09-22-2011 02:15 PM

yep,I am defiently positive it isn't a pain issue.

She enjoys her snaffles more than the curb. She is better at the aids when using the reins. She is a bit sloooow with trying to neck rein as she hasn't done it in forever.

Nope,she hates jumping apparently. I can't tell as she does it willingly(good pony!) for me but it does break them down annnnd since she is my favorite I just don't want her to fall apart on me.

She never is pissy or acts in pain on trails and we do some extreme trail rides at times. I just think she gets bored easily.She likes to look around and enjoy the scenery and likes to haul butt. I can easily get in half seat and do a hand gallop and her ears perk right up! I have had her back tested and everything. I don't know if I should call a chiro as sometimes some people believe(vets too)it's just a way to pay more as they are specialized...not sure but there is one here that can test for cysts and hormone embalances!...maybe I should do it,eh?

tinyliny 09-22-2011 02:24 PM

I think you just know your horse, and when she's 'off" then you pay attention. Otherwise, some horses just ARE pissy, and one shouldn't let it carry too much weight, mentally.

If she's good on trails, then that is really a blessing. a good trail horse is a treasure!

Gidget 09-22-2011 02:29 PM

she is defiently an AWESOME trail horse. You can take her anywhere and she is sometimes spooky but never bolts..she just spreads her legs apart and looks around,lol.

I'm pretty intuned with my horse..I think so. I was thinking about trying mare magic as someone said it worked on their horse who was marish.

I still plan on doing english but will do flat work and trail rides. She doesn't mind her wintec at all since I put the wide gullet in. Still girthy...I was stupid and made her girthy.

Anyways,thanks for your input. I apperciate it. She's a good girl and has never not tried for me.

kitten_Val 09-23-2011 08:59 AM

My qh looks pissy too at times. Especially when she's in heat. :D

I tried lots of different stuff with my qh ((competitive) trail, western, working on cows, jumping (tiny), dressage currently). I could tell dressage went the best: she seems to enjoy "showing off" in ring. While she obviously hated cows and going out on trails.

My other horse likes pretty much anything because she's easily excited and just enjoys new stuff: she loves trails (even though she's rather spooky), she's all excited about jumping, and she's OK with flat work (not something she loves though as it may be somewhat boring for her).

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