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SaraNana 09-25-2011 09:26 PM

Horse pulling on the lead
So.. I "lease" three horses from a woman, all I have to do is ride them and they are basically mine. I don't have to pay for vet or anything like that.
One if these horses is a brood mare that the woman I "lease" from has just bought. She has spent ten years of her life prior to now in a pasture. Her last owner says she was dead broke but hasn't been risen since she had a bad injury to her ankle (she may have severed her tendon but she doesn't show any signs of pain). Well, I got her out today to give her a btw because she was pretty dirty and she gave us a run for our money. She was near dragging me to the barn and when we got there to wash her, she almost ran over me when I was trying to wash her. She isn't scared, I just don't think she knows any better. I spent some time working with her, just walking her around but she is still pulling. Any tips on exercises I can do to help with this problem? Any help is appreciated!

Deschutes 09-26-2011 12:59 AM

It sounds like she doesn't have any sense of space when it comes to humans.

I'd start by doing LOTS AND LOTS of ground work to establish yourself, and your circle.

You say she isn't scared... well. If she's running towards you to get away from the water, then she's either: A. Uncomfortable, or.. B. Flat out scared.
Now, tricks I use when working with my spooky mare, is if she spooks, and enters my space I back her, while at the same time, moving her rump, thus effectively getting her out of my space, and having her to think.

Desensitising her would be a good way to go. And a lot of times, a horse will calm down if they have a chance to see what it is you are spraying around them. If you put a slow stream of water to their neck where their peripheral vision can see it, they calm down easier because they see it, and realize it's not going to eat them.

tinyliny 09-26-2011 01:05 AM


Please forgive me if I am wrong, but you sound like a very inexperienced horse person. I feel concerned when I hear that you are taking on three horses that have 10 years with minimal handling or riding. Your description of the bath , while amusing to read, is also a bit scary. Being almost run over can lead to being run over. And getting really hurt.

Do you not have anyone with more experience to help you with this project? I fear that you are more over your head than you are aware.

kitten_Val 09-26-2011 06:43 AM

If horse would try to run into me it'd run into my whip or the swinging lead rope. That simple. You correct it once and just keep doing your business like nothing happened. Same with pulling. If my qh tries to run ahead of me she gets a tap on her chest, doesn't work -> tap and then back up several steps till she has that "OK, m'am" expression, then quietly walk out again.

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