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Lady 09-26-2011 09:14 AM

Hello From Kansas! I'm about to be a first time horse owner!
Hello everyone!

It's my first time on this forum, but I'd like to learn from everyone here, and hope that you will help me along with my project.

I'm embarking on my first journey, my trainer found a horse that would be perfect for me. She looks rough, but I'm new to owning horses so I'm trusting my trainer on this one.

I am determined to provide the best care possible for her, and have my trainer and friends to be there by my side.

She is older, 20 years old. She's a grey, and broke to ride. But seeing as she is skinny, I'll only be walking with her for some months until she's better. But it also gives me time to bond with her. I might be considered crazy for it, but I feel like it's meant to be. She's not flashy, she's rough looking right now, she doesn't have a long flowing mane, but with the right care and tlc, I believe she's going to be beautiful and healthy!

Of course my first plan of action is to actually physically meet her myself. Ovbiously put weight on her, build up her muscle. But I think she's in dire need of some grooming. I'm sure once I get her brushed, washed down, and comb her mane and tail, she will look a hundred times better.

I'm very excited for this. I'm glad I have people there for me, and I hope everyone here will lend a helping hand every once and a while.

Reiterin 09-26-2011 09:33 PM

Welcome tot hte forum. Congrats on your new adventure. Horse ownership it totally worth it. =)

MySerenity 09-26-2011 09:36 PM

you are new to the forum so we will forgive you, but we will need pics :wink:

congrats, good luck and welcome!!

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