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Klassic Superstar 09-26-2011 01:03 PM

Getting Ready for winter Our 1st dressage show!
Hey there, havnt been able to post much about my new boy Oliver and I as I have just been so busy with him!

Things are going so well that my trainer and I have decided to take him outto a few dressage schooling shows this winter. First show is November 19th. I plan on doing Training 1 and 2 with him as that feels right where we are right now and with another month and half of work he will REALLY be there or even a little further but his young brain requires us to take it slow as he has little to no confidance in himself esp in new places and mass horsesand people overwhelm him to the max so we have been geting him used to being around lots of horses in the arena and lots of other stuff.

My questionhere is what are the judges REALLY looking for in the training level tests. I know some, relaxation on horse and rider, forwardness and balance.

Anyone give me any helpful tips or any advice? I havnt shown since I was in 4h and was 13... I now am very close to being 20 and would love some suggestions.

tinyliny 09-26-2011 01:18 PM

Hi there! I wouldn't worry about what the judges are looking for. This should be a schooling show for Oliver, so make it a good learning experience for him. Think about what does Oliver need to come away from this with a positive memory, ulitimately.? You say he needs to build confidence. So, make it that you are very careful in what you ask of him, so that he is able to do it with success. This is really vague, but you , as the rider, would know those places where you can aske a bit more, or you can accept a bit less, for the time being, and not add more stress to the horse's mind.

One thing they look for in training level is that the horse not be behind the vertical. And that the geometry of the circles be good. And like you said, the rythm be steady.

Klassic Superstar 09-26-2011 04:25 PM

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Thank you! How have you been? here is a cute picture of Ollie from fridays lesson :)

newhorsemom 09-27-2011 01:08 AM

I'm not 100% sure but I think in training level the judges are looking for a horse to be supple, accepting contact, and moving forward with a nice steady rhythm.

Your horse is a cutie - good luck! :-)

MyBoyPuck 10-01-2011 05:19 PM

Just ride every move. Don't rush through the test. If a particular move is giving you trouble, take time to correct it. If your horse breaks from the canter, just pick it back up and resume. You'll score better if you make the effort to fix any mistakes over just sitting pretty while your horse plods around with his nose in the air. Since he hasn't been to a show recently, just try to make it as relaxing an experience as possible for him.

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