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aandbminis 09-26-2011 03:00 PM

Stallion question
I have miniatures and was able almost 2 years ago to buy a stallion that is a res. grand champion senior stallion that has several brothers who are have won champion get of sires. We tried hand breedingthe first year and it took him a while but I thought he figured it out. He gets very excited when he is around a mare in heat and it might be that he is too excited to actually do anything(He pasture breeds now at least I thought he did lol) I put 4 of my best mares with him this year and one MIGHT be in foal. I might take him to the vet to see how fertile he is before next breeding season but watching him this year I keep thinking it's just that he gets too excited. What would you do in this situation? Thanks in advance :)

Speed Racer 09-26-2011 03:09 PM

Stallions are rarely too excited to actually breed. I've never heard of a stallion with premature ejaculation problems unless he's a youngster and is new to breeding.

Fertility problems are rarely because of the stallion. It's usually the mares.

aandbminis 09-26-2011 03:36 PM

lol didnt want to go into too much detail but the couple times I have watched him he doesn't seem to get it in the right place. I don't know that he finds the right place consistently. He seems to flirt, mount not get it in and is uninterested in the mare afterwards as if he did find the right place.(does sometimes find the right place but not enough I guess for the mare to be in foal) He is 6 and I bought him from a trainer who was also his breeder so he was never used until we bought him, just shown. Have always had experienced stallions so no real idea about if he needs help etc. Two of the mares I bought in foal last year to go with him and they have foaled several foals before. One I had and she had a foal the year I bought her but since being with him...nothing the other is 15 which isn't old but I am thinking she might have problems staying in foal.

weefoal 09-27-2011 08:34 AM

He sounds just very inexperienced. I would only put one mare at a time in with him until he gets more experience. Keep in mind that when you put 4 mares in some mares will keep the stallion from breeding other mares. You have to really watch to know what is going on.

Also wrapping the mares tails in vet wrap can help him get located easier if you know what I mean.

For sure it wouldnt hurt to have him tested and see what his fertility is

FeatheredFeet 09-28-2011 02:41 AM

Hmm. I'd look at his sperm count first and make sure it is ok. Hopefully he also does not have very small testicles.

I would exercise him a lot before a breeding. Wear him out a little bit. Then try him on a sweet mare who will put up with his trying. If he does enter the mare and since he's small, have someone strong behind him to keep him in if possible. It sounds really as though he's just inexperienced. However, it could be that his previous owners couldn't get him to breed either. Since he's already a senior stallion, I doubt they would have kept him for a long time and not tried to breed him.

Failing all else, you might try AI with him if his sperm count checks out. And failing all that, you might consider gelding him and starting a stallion hunt again. There are tons of super ones for sale.

I like your Blue Sky by-the-way. :wink:


twogeldings 09-30-2011 10:54 PM

Good idea at getting him tested for fertility :)

I would also like others suggested, work him a bit, and get an experienced (quiet) mare for him to 'practice' with. You might also try being the 'guiding hand' for him, or perhaps even consider AIing your mares, IF feasible for you.

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