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Wallaby 09-30-2011 12:12 AM

I almost fell off Lacey today!
However, it didn't actually happen so I've still never fallen off her!

It was really really funny though. I was riding her around my yard and she was being a little blankityblankblank so I was working on forcing her to do things my way instead of my usual of having her refuse to do something and then not really making her do it ever. I realized that I'm getting a little too soft with her and she's taking advantage.
So anyway, she was being a jerk (aka rearing as high as she can, backing up, crowhopping, etc) and trying to scare me into getting off. She's not trying to make me fall off (as we shall see), she just wants to me remove myself.
So I ended up basically beating her with the end of the reins to get some forward motion and we ended up trotting around my yard super fast, which I was generally ok with seeing as how it's better than being stuck in one spot, being crazy. So I was pushing her on in a sort of "you wanna go fast? let's go fast" sort of thing and making her do circles at each corner of the sort of hexagon shape we were riding in.

We got to a corner that was on a definite slope and my saddle starts slipping. She's still trotting this circle super fast, I'm off balance because of the hill and her trot, my heels are up, I'm looking terrible, etc. Next thing I know, the saddle was literally on her side and I'm sliding off.
But, then, just as I'm thinking to myself "Here I go! At least it's grassy..." Lacey stops dead, apparently having forgotten all her sass. I was then able to clamber back up her side and dismount to fix the saddle.

She stood like a rock for me to remount (which is unusual for her) but you know what? As soon as I was back on, Miss Sassy reappeared. :lol:

I think it's so funny that she's so sassy and what most sane people would term "dangerous" all the time, yet she's stopping dead in the middle of a sassy session because I'm about to fall off. She's like "I hate you! You're the worst. *anger anger anger TROLLLLL!!!* WAIT! You're about to fall off?? *calm, gentle, babysitter pony* What, ME be sassy? Psh, nooo."

She's so great. I wish she could speak English. I feel like some really interesting things would come out of her mouth. Including some very creative curses. :lol:

Anyway, I thought that was super amusing. :)

Deschutes 09-30-2011 12:22 AM

I agree!

That is just too cute, I have to say. Now, if only, when Tana starts her riding lessons... she's that good about stopping!


Gidget 09-30-2011 12:45 AM

lol,she reminds me of Gidget!
Gidget usually always stops unless something scares her silly. They like to try to find away to get out of riding. It's kind of funny but once I'm on she is good..for the most part. She is still a spoiled pig..I'm glad she does stop..If I land on her neck she just stops so I can slide off or walks and puts her head down and then I sit there:P

I am glad you are okay. I would have just fallen,lol. I would be like screw this! lol. Lacey is so wonderful.I WANNA MEET HER..Gidget does too..and stormy..stormy can pretend to be her daughter since she is part arab :P..and turning grey!

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