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Rachel1786 09-30-2011 02:18 PM

apple cider vinegar-good or bad for ulcers?
I know ACV has a ton of health benefits but I cannot find anything about giving it to a horse that is prone to ulcers. Does anyone know if it would help or the opposite, cause a flare up? I used to give it to all 3 of my horses but then over winter I had to stop because it kept freezing. In around February I discovered my TB had ulcers and I haven't given it to her since because I'm unsure if it would cause them to come back. She gets them very easily, something ate her ulcer supplement and she was off it for about a week and during that week she had a flare up. Usually 2-4 weeks of rantidine has her feeling good again.

Annnie31 09-30-2011 03:13 PM

Well at least the mice in the barn are not going to have Ulcers


Im not sure I would feed it to a horse that had an active Ulcer as it is very acidic. It is good for so many things but I would not think one of them would be ulcers.

stevesmith 12-28-2011 12:23 AM

Really not sure about it..

tinyliny 12-28-2011 03:19 AM

Humans with acid reflux problems benefit from it. I think it wouldnt' hurt anything. The acid in it is much less corrosive than stomach acids themselves.

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