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twogeldings 09-30-2011 05:33 PM

Seeking: Show Halter (pony) lead shank, pony bit

Show Halter to fit a large pony (13.2hh). He wears a regular sized horse halter on the second to last hole, for semi-reference.
Also needing a leather lead shank with the chain, for shows. He does get quite flashy and prancy when excited. Not dangerous like, but it's a horse :wink:

Also seeking a pony bit! Smallest bit I have is a 5" so I'm seeking a 4 1/2" SNAFFLE. I'd really like a eggbutt, dee-ring or full cheek. Just a regular snaffle mouthpiece or a French Link with a flat lozenge (highly prefered). I would also consider a Mullen mouthpiece, pony sized, in either eggbutt or full cheek.

No straight mouthpieces please! A gentle curve is always a plus! I would prefer a three-piece snaffle versus a two piece snaffle, Divo does have a small mouth. He's not strong headed and certainly does not need a strong bit :)

A pony bridle (plain) would be great, as I only have two bridles currently. One I use on my Foxtrotters, who are very similar in head sizes so minimal adjustment is needed. The other is for a horse with a huge head (TWH? :lol:) and doesn't fit ANY of my horses.

My regular horse bridle didn't even fit Divo, actually had to drill extra holes to accommodate his tiny little head.

Thanks in advance everyone! Please PM OR E-mail with PRICE, PHOTO, and SHIPPING to 64772

I use USPS Postal Money Orders. I do quite a bit of buying and selling online and have never had an issue with a non-arrival or problems with payment at the Post Office (cashes MO's for free, or just deposit in a bank account).

RockHorseRanch 10-02-2011 03:37 PM

I have a new 4.5" D French Link - 1st one here:

BITS - Rock Horse Ranch Tack

$22 includes shipping.

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