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phoenix 10-01-2011 01:08 PM

Anyone bought from Long riders gear, CA?
Having just moved my horse to do more trail riding i thought i might treat him (and me) to a new bridle, one that will make it easier for me to put on when he gets over excited.

So i was looking at this one:

Dlx. Endurance Bridle Only by Zilco

I know it's an endurance bridle and we would only really be doing short/day rides at first but i like that fact it doesn't have a nose band, also i think it can be used over a rope halter and also, if i'm reading right, can be clipped onto a halter underneath.

With Phoenix going from halter to bridle can be a challenge if he's worked up, if i take his halter off he tends to walk off and getting a bridle on can be hard work. So i figured if i could just put this over a halter it would be easier.

Does anyone have something like this?

I also wanted to get a new bit, a friend recommended this:

right now he's in a french link snaffle but i did watch a trainer ride him in this bit (or something like this) and he went great, he didn't fuss as much and he was definitely listening to the trainer.

atomic 10-01-2011 02:54 PM

I don't have any input about this particular headstall but I have ordered from Long Riders Gear and found it to be a pleasant experience. I bought the RJ sidepull because I wanted a weather proof, comfortable, and infinitely adjustable bridle for the trails... And hopefully endurance one day! Its made out of a flat soft nylon braided type rope and you can adjust it anywhere to perfectly fit your horse. The noseband is a flexible lariat core covered with said rope material so its very non abrasive and not stiff like a lot of sidepulls. The bridle is also designed to act as a halter if need be, having an unobtrusive connection under the jaw and a snap ring on the curb strap. I'm boring and got mine in black but they have tons of different fun colors to choose from, and you also have the option to upgrade the hardware for 5$ from nickel to brass. I personally opted for the brass on both the sidepull and a set of 10' matching trail (roper style) reins but I think the nickel would be fine too. I live in Florida close to the beach so metal corrodes very easily here. But besides the product itself the customer service is great, they will happily and quickly answer any inquiries you may have and my order was processed and shipped right away. I only paid for basic shipping but received it pretty fast, within a couple days. It wasn't the cheapest bridle I've bought (ended up paying 80$, including shipping, extra 10$ for the brass, and the reins) but its exactly what I wanted. Good luck and let us know what you decide!
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phoenix 10-01-2011 03:22 PM

Good to hear their customer service is good. I was thinking of going with the light blue, my horse is very dark bay so any colour would look good on him but i want something snazzy. I'll let you know how it is if i decide to get it.

iridehorses 10-01-2011 03:36 PM

Actually, Phoenix, the problem seems to be more of a training issue then a bridle one. No horse should be able to walk off when you switch from a halter to a bridle. If your horse is free to wonder when the halter comes off, then you are doing something wrong.

I work on having my horses stand there while being bridled. I will put my reins around my horse's neck so that I have control if she decides to walk off when I take the halter off. What I've seen others do is to unbuckle the halter and rebuckle it around their necks so they maintain control until the bridle is on.

What do you mean by your horse getting worked up when being bridled? What causes that?

On another note, a riding partner of mine uses a combo halter/bridle when we trail ride. That way he halters his horse at home and only has to attach the bit when we saddle up.

Lastly, if your horse is listening to your trainer and not to you, it isn't the bit. A french link snaffle is an extremely mild bit so it tells me that the horse is sistening to your trainer through all different aids, not necessarily the bit. A bit isn't going to make your horse listen to you - better riding will. It isn't the tack that makes the horse, it's the rider.

phoenix 10-01-2011 04:12 PM

He only wanders off if i try and bridle him outside of the barn, i do put the reins around his neck to control him in case he goes walkies. If we've trailered somewhere he's already excited and worked up which can make bridling tricky, he's very big and i'm very small, i though being able to leave a halter on under would just make things a bit easier.

He does listen to me in the french link, i just noticed that when the trainer rode him (being a far superior rider than me) he went very well. which of course he would when being ridden by someone who knows all the correct cues etc. I do have the trainer coming back to help me with him and teach me how to ask less confusing questions or my horse, i think i confuse him when i ask him to do things since i'm not exactly an expert rider. oh and the trainer rode him in the bit from the link not the french link. He basically brought all his own tack and took all mine off when he rode (the guy wouldn't ride in my dressage saddle).

I don't necessarily have to change my bit i just thought if i got a new bridle that having a new bit would be nice so i didn't have to keep swapping out the 1 bit between the 2 bridles when i either trail ride or ride in the arena.

phoenix 10-03-2011 03:03 PM

I went with the bridle in electric blue. i'm just going to switch out the bit until i go to qh congress in a month when i might get a similar bit to use with the new bridle.

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