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ImaFlashyBit 03-06-2007 09:21 AM

I'm 25 years old and currently have alot going on. I'm getting married to a wonderful man this coming up Sept which seems like far away but in reality its only 6 months. Besides the wedding planning we are looking for a house. Not just a house, though, that would be too easy, we are trying to find somewhere we can keep my horse. All four of the horses are at my dads but one mare (my 2 year old) is coming with me when I move. However its hard to find a house with property here for a horse. My fiancee is a K9 Officer so we have to live in the county which he works :( And trust me thats def. not farm county. So my question is has anyone ever been through this here on this site. Wedding planning and house hunting. I can't wait till its all over and we are settled in somewhere, but in the meantimes, let pray I don't pull my hair out :shock: Any advise or stories would be helpful.

Skippy! 03-08-2007 01:46 AM

Well, in the situation i am in now, i was able to find property that was horse-compatable and a wee bit further from my husbands work. Just think, can you afford the gas money to live away from your husbands work?

Second, my really good friend out here (the one who is letting me keep the horses at her place) only owns 1 acre where her house sits.. SO.. she rents two pieces of property (one is like, 3 acres and the other is 20 acres) and she made an agreement with the person who owns the land to clear it, put up fences, and allllllll that jazz. Though, this is VERY money guzzling to do. But the rent on the land is not all that bad and the horses are only about a minute away from her house. She uses tax records to find the owners of the land and ask them if it is for rent.

Third, there are people who just straight up RENT barns.. meaning, they have land and a barn on it, but no use for it so they rent it per the stall and allow the owners to take full responsibility of their horses. Check for empty barns in the area and see if someone wouldnt rent one to ya =) Check the Classifieds for this sort of thing too =) Just a thought!

Just a few options for you to think about =) Good luck hun!

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