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jamo1 10-02-2011 01:01 PM

Newbie here with an Arabian question
I have a spirited Eqyptian Arabian mare with great bloodlines that I was hoping to start my kids on. They are raw beginners and I am intermediate at best and dont really have the time or know how to settle her down enough that I fell comfortable putting the kids on her. She doesnt have BAD habits, she is just quick on her feet and needs a driver. We have two others, one is lame, but the other gelding is great. I am in need of a "dead broke,bomb proof" horse and conversely would like to find an experienced Arabian specialist that could take this mare to her potential.
Does anyone have contact info for Eqyptian Arab breeders close to NC? e-mail if you'd like any further info...


christabelle 10-02-2011 01:18 PM

I firmly believe most horses will never be reliable mounts for begginner children. My Arabians are well trained, but I would never put my kids on them. They are too sensitive. Too much leg and they would be off like a shot. Falling off a bolting horse on your first couple of rides might spoil any chance of that child's continuing interest in riding horses. Not only that, but also teach some nasty
habits to the horse. If you don't have a laid back dead broke horse, I would get lessons for the little ones. I am not saying a child cannot handle a quick Arabian. I just think confidence and experience need to be obtained first. Just my opinion of course. Good luck!

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