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TremayneLove 10-05-2011 06:46 AM

Jumping Clinic Coming Up (Help)
So my instructor holds clinics and saddle clubs in the holidays and she is have 3 clinics these hollies;


I asked her which one I should do I asked about the General one thinking I only jump for fun and don't really want to jump seriously. Funnily enough she said you should do the jumping one.

Now here's the thing, Bella hasn't done jumping in a while actually when I got her she had never done poles I have trained her to do poles and jump 1'3ft straight pole. Which I am proud of anyway I know I shouldn't worry because Bella isn't very good and jumping but she just does it like she wont stop in front of the jump she will 'pancake/flop' over it.

the reason I am worried is because Bella hasn't done jumping since Autumn and I had a lesson in the jumping paddock where I just jumped a cross pole in trot but back to my point.

I don't want to be the one at the clinic who's like "Herpa Derpa" about jumping and I am a bit nervous about it, because odds are I will be cantering these jumps I have done that before, in fact I learnt how to canter through jumping. However I am had a bad tumble where I was hanging by her neck and stomach while she cantered over another jump and then I let go, fell o my back and did a back flip and got dirt in mah pants. :P

My friend says I am a lot more experienced now I will be able to stay on if Bella nearly falls on her face.

However does anyone else have any tips?
(the reason why I don't just go in there I jump by myself is because there is always a horse in that paddock)

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