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DCRAZE87 10-06-2011 12:38 AM

Need help getting spots on a horse with a very uphill canter
Hello! Thanks in advance for any feedback you can give. I've been riding for a while and compete in hunter/jumper so I know how to see a spot. Lately I've been leasing a horse who is extremely lazy but when you sit her canter and drive her forward she has enough impulse to get over the fence. the problem is because I'm constantly driving her forward to the fence, we either change our stride throughout the course and end up missing spots or I have to rely more on her to find her spot because I'm just trying to keep her moving forward. when i hold her to balance her she chips into the fence, but when I drive her she more likely than not will get the spot. my biggest problem is that she's young and I don't want ot rely on her around a 3 foot course and that our pace is so off I constantly am adjusting as we make an approach tot he fence. does anyone had any suggestions? i currently use a crop and am going to try tiny spurs again but last time she kicked out a lot (she is a mare!). thanks again!

Dreamcatcher Arabians 10-06-2011 02:26 AM

You can put a ground line pole in front of each fence to help her learn where to come off the ground, give her a good squeeze right at the pole to let her know she's to come up. Also, as you approach the fence practice counting down from 3 strides out. 3 stride, 2 stride, 1 stride - jump and it will help you steady her down the line and help you keep your timing right.

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