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Savvy Debonair 10-07-2011 03:50 AM

Lunging Vices
Whose Horses have or have had lunging vices, like charging, bolting, dragging away, coming in, swinging there buts in/out, Not moving, ignoring aids, stopping ect.?

I know these are mainly all fear, lack of training, a horses veiw on his trainer/owner/etc. But what did you do to combat them??

My first horse Red would charge me, stop every half lap, i was so fed up with him and couldn't understand what i was doing wrong that i would cry burst into tears, scream yell, and he'd just stand there and look at me like ,are you done yet?

I got out a trainer, and all i had to do was move2 inches behind his shoulder, thats like crossing my feet over, and swing my rope away, and viola he would charge away, and as long as a stayed behind him in the "driving zone" he would continue on, now i can play games with him, like increasing/decreasing the pressure and getting him to move in/out, increasing the speed of his walk/trot canter, without having to get violent, get whips all that stuff..

Now i have a new horse, who i think i am using too much pressure on because i am used to Red begin the horse who is always arguing to be the dominant horse, and now i have Shadow who is looking for his boss, then being told off to harshly, i think that's my problem + the fact he has been abused on a long line.

Does anyone have any tips, trainers or advice on what to do with him?

People have said get your leading and pressure releases down pat, desensitize him to ropes and things liek that, ive been doing this since i got him in august, not that long ago, but we aren't making a big move in to the lunging well.

He was tied in a rainforest for months with a chain around his neck about 30 ft long, i guess that is similar to being lunged, and he tries to drag me away, get himself back to his "safe zone" his paddock and his buddies, ive worked him in the paddock, then he will actually just take of at top speed, sometimes not sometimes yes..

Anyone have tips to combat the bolting, and the pulling side ways, then spinning his rump towards me, it's dangerous, i know i should get a trainer before we way get injured, but, has anyone else experienced this? And what steps did you take to combat the issue?

Sorry for the massive post again!

corporate pride 10-07-2011 04:22 AM

take the line off and free lunge him in the round yard. if you don't have one then try get access to one. that way the rope isn't there and there's no pull and he can't go sideways. then when he's getting better try a long lead rope, ask him to circle at a walk (in a round yard or closed off area) tell him good boy, build it up. he needs to feel safe and that he's not trapped.

what a poor boy! i can't believe someone tied him to a tree in the rain forrest!!!! i hope some does that to them!

just give him time and understanding.

all my horses have been free lunged. my previous horse marco would pull and stop then bolt in a straight line when on the line. 100% improvement in the round yard.

good luck!

Savvy Debonair 10-07-2011 04:32 AM

I have been trying my heart out to get access to a round pen, i believe he needs one, the only thing i have close is a small cattle pen, but there is corners he runs into, so ill have to either rope the corners of, or really push to try and use another round pen if i can find someone wit ha round pen :/

corporate pride 10-07-2011 04:46 AM

try roping off the corners if it's big enough. if not, try maybe buy a portable one if your in the position. i wasn't so i moved....after i got rid of the horse (for kicking me in the face). can't live without one.
if not build one! polly pipe is good!

Savvy Debonair 10-07-2011 04:53 AM

I Agist on private land, so i can't really just build things willy nilly and cant really construct things around the place, nor do i have the funds to buy a portable one o.o

corporate pride 10-07-2011 05:00 AM

awwww ok. ask the owner??
try roping off the corners and make it as round as possible. in a perfect world horse people would be rich LOL

Savvy Debonair 10-07-2011 05:11 AM

Owner Says no + where i love, stuff goes missing if you don't chain it to the core of the earth. I can definitely try roping it of, i have before and it went well, but i dint have enough to rope all 4 corners of, i had the idea suddenly when he was going bonkers because he wanted to go back to his buddy.

Cherie 10-07-2011 09:51 AM

If a horse does not work well on a 30 foot line, try him on a 6 - 10 foot line. Get the line short enough that you have control. Then, the instant he does anything disrespectful, pull hard and stop him by pulling him around to face you. Go to him and back him up 10 feet (quickly), stop him and make him go the opposite direction. Every single time he does anything wrong --- this includes pulling on you, laying an ear back, going too fast -- anything -- pull him around hard and start him over.

I have never had this fail. I used it long before I owned a round pen.

If you have any problems, go back to a shorter line and a slower speed. I would work him several times on a 10 foot line before going to a 15 - 20 foot line. I would keep him at a trot until he longed perfectly at that gait. I would not let him canter/lope on a longe line until he went forward without pulling, maintained a steady gait and stopped the instant I pulled on the line. [I do not use voice commands on a longe line except for "Easy!" to drop down a gait and I "Smooch!" for more speed.] I want perfect obedience to the line and my body language. [I want the line to be taught enough to be off of the ground, but I want it to have a slight 'droop' in it.]

Sometimes you get a horse so spoiled that it has found out that it can bolt and get away from anyone. I will put a chain over the nose of one of those until he learns to respect the halter. I will always pull one around hard and stop it if it tries to pull away. Usually a still rope halter is all that is needed, but I still keep a couple of flat web ones in case I need to use a chain, which is not very often.

Once I have a horse longing nicely at all speeds, I will sometimes 'bit one up' lightly. I do not ask for a vertical face, but I will keep the inside side rein a couple of inches shorter than the outside one. This keeps a horse from dropping an inside shoulder on the longe line and keeps decent 'shape' and form.

When you are very particular about longing, a horse gets more obedient for everything else you do with it.

corporate pride 10-07-2011 10:06 PM


Originally Posted by Savvy Debonair (Post 1193889)
Owner Says no + where i love, stuff goes missing if you don't chain it to the core of the earth. I can definitely try roping it of, i have before and it went well, but i dint have enough to rope all 4 corners of, i had the idea suddenly when he was going bonkers because he wanted to go back to his buddy.

i see. yeah i was in a place like that. i hate having my stuff "borrowed" my friend is at a place where this chick just goes into the shed that has none of her stuff in it, then use her halter, jumping boots, brushes. sooo rude! but i think this chick is on some drugs.

rope off the cattle yard. at least you got that :) i moved to a place with an arena and round yard also a flood light because i worked late. only reason i wasn't there before was there was no room. never wanna live without one again LOL mind you i was only paying $2.50 a day per horse, now it's $5.

good luck. i hope they people flogging your stuff leave.

Savvy Debonair 10-08-2011 02:11 AM

Thanks so much for your opinion! He's really reactive i don't know why, i worked him today, and he was fine to rub over with the rope, as soon as i asked him to walk forward, he started throwing his head up and back really quickly, then throwing his shoulders side ways pulling his head away and trying to canter, i was doing the haul his head back to me, and ask him to move back on that worked a few times, then he just launch away and caught me totally of guard, i thought better then to be dragged away by a bolting horse so let go and he took of bucking, the rope was not anywhere near his legs and was somehow flicked over his back, and he was bucking and launching.

When he does it he looks like he is 100% ignoring me, and i don't know how i can get him to focus on me when the paddocks are so much larger then he's used to and there are 8 mars around :/

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