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RunJumpRide 10-09-2011 01:24 PM

Pricing & Confo for 8 Month Old Filly
I have to sell my Shetland filly, Star's Misty Reflection (AKA Misty) pretty soon because my parents said so... She's very tame and sweet, she's about 9hh, decent bloodlines (she's out of my mare, Star, who is a sweet driving/kids pony, and a her sire is a cute stallion named Holy Schnikeys...), Misty is not registered, halter broke, is used to kids, picks up her feet easily, stands fairly well for bathing and grooming, is very desensitized, is very curious and mischevious, has LOADS of personality, and is a March 2011 filly.

Where would you price her at? Here's what she looks like... (confo critique please, too! If she has good confo I'd say that in her ad too)

The market here is SO bad... I'd just like to wait until next fall when I would have more training and groundwork done with her and *possibly* a yearling show under her belt? If that would help her price... I just REALLY want her to go to a good place that will use her for kids and stuff, because that's just where she belongs! What do you suggest I do??

Thanks so much!

lilruffian 10-09-2011 01:53 PM

She's a pretty little thing. Hard to critique confo at that age, but her legs look alright from that pic, as well as everything else.
I can't give you an honest price, because around here Mini's aren't worth much. I've no experience in showing minis, but the young one's in my area are selling (unregistered) at no more than $300.

binkyhoo 10-09-2011 03:26 PM

She looks darling. Love the mane.

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