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    01-22-2013, 03:45 PM
Katy is so right, there is nothing that is going to allow you to sit around, do minimal effort and be fit. You spend some time in the pain zone exercising and eating healthy foods to fuel your body, you feel like you never felt before, look incredible and will look forward to working out and won't crave things that hinder this. It is the first month that is the killer but the effort pays you back tenfold.
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    01-22-2013, 04:08 PM
Originally Posted by Golden Horse    
Errr doesn't sound like something I'm lining up to do, sorry, not sustainable..
It is sustainable! I was always a fit, active person, then I got older & tore my ACL, things slowed down. I gained a few pounds, around 5 to 10 but I was okay with that, nothing major. Then the knee was swelling up and really slowing me down so I had the surgery and had 5 months of doing pretty much nothing, I wasn't eating like a hog or anything, pretty much the same stuff I had always ate but I had some years on me & the metabolism slowed down & I lost muscle mass. I gained another 15 lbs, forget that, I had a good knee I was going to use it. The first month was the killer but after researching foods and picking a few good work out I could do at home, I was back in the garage doing kickboxing like before the injury. It's been 3 years now and I crave the exercise because of how it makes me feel & look. It's only the first month that you suffer & it is really only less than an hour, after that you are stronger & have that "bring it on" stamina. I am nobody special, if I can do it, most anyone can if they commtmit to it. It's only an hour a day out of your time and no gym is required, why wouldnt you? Anytime I would make the excuse I was too busy or too tired to eat properly or workout, I would tell myself, there is somebody else much more busier & more tired than I am doing it right now. That mantra always gave me the kick in the rear I needed.
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    01-22-2013, 06:47 PM
Ewwww, since my accident I've gained 20+ pounds.
I lost a few this fall but have been steadily putting it back on, especially after my holiday hiatus!

I don't prescribe to any book, just healthy tips and smart choices. So far I've lost 5 again, I have to get thin for a wedding come April! (Watch DR. Oz, great tips and ingredients you can explore.)

My tips:
Eat tons of food with fiber. Cabbage, broccoli, celery, kale, etc. Fiber keeps you feeling full, you can eat bucket loads of it because they have very few calories, and are a great source of vit C. Add those fiber packets to water if you really really hate veggies.

Instead of bread, eat crackers. Not Ritz like ones, but saltines. That little bit of carbs will keep you from going insane. I also add a small handful of uncooked ramen noodles to my salads for that extra crunch. Better than bacon, or corn, or croutons.

Make a HUGE bucket of vegetable stew. I've been making homemade soups, do not eat out of a can! Those canned soups are LOADED with sugar, salt, etc. Take it to work in a thermos.

Eat at Wendy's for lunch/dinner when on the go. Not that it's great, but their chicken nuggets (4 piece) only have 180 calories and 11 grams of fat. Pair that with a side caesar salad, minus dressing, and you are only eating 320 calories. Way better than a bacon cheeseburger and fries.

Drink water. Try drinking 9 ounces every hour. I pee a lot! Too much is bad so don't over do it, I always have tea (very little caffeine) and water with me.
Do NOT juice, juice and fruit are NOT your friends (even though they are "simple" sugars) they will add calories. Wanna fatten a hog or cow, feed it apples or pears, ya see?

Go through your pantry and THROW AWAY condiments with high amounts of fat and sugar. (Or go on a major binge and eat them all up!) Like Wares said, sugar is your enemy! It's in everything!
I am addicted to mayo and ranch, kills me! So I make a homemade vinaigrette that's pretty tasty, I douse everything with it.

Do yoga. Even 20 minuets a day will strengthen and lengthen your muscles. I hate cardio, so I do chores. Today I scooped out the coop for 20 minuets, tomorrow I'm picking up sticks out of the yard, stacked wood the other day, I stand when folding clothes and put the pile across the room from where I stack them. Get a step monitor. You really need to take 15,000 steps a day to maintain your weight. Look at the monitor and then go vacuums the house, it adds up!

Take a fatterday! Save one day a week where you allow yourself to indulge. Pretty soon you will find that what you used to eat tastes gross and you can feel it impact your body, last sunday I had bloody marys (bad bad sodium!) and gourmet pizza! It was amazing, then it set in and I wanted to be sick. That's only after two weeks back on a healthy eating habit.
Eat a bit of chocolate, or whatever you love in the evenings. Don't deprive yourself, that's where you will fail and fall off the "wagon". I buy really expensive chocolate, that way I force myself to savor it and make it last. Cheap stuff? I inhale it.

It's not a diet, it's just reducing the foods that are harmful or those that should only be eaten in moderation. Good Luck!
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    01-22-2013, 07:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Cat    
The zone diet worked for me when I stuck to it and for many its an easy life style change because the meals are not small and fill you up. And you eat 3 meals and 2 snacks - so it seems like you are always eating. Unfortunately I got stuck on the recipes and I hate cooking and used that as an excuse to stop. I really should get back and start incorperating it into my life again - I felt so much better.

But the simple version of it is is to take your plate and divide it in thirds. In one third place a proper size portion of meat - I.e. Size of a deck of cards. Fill the other 2/3 rds of the plate with veggies and some fruit and finish out with a small amount of good fat - olive oil, avacado, black olives, almonds, etc. Easy and the website has tons of free recipes. Main thing is to keep the right balance of protein to carb to fat ratio and eat several times through the day to keep your body in balance.

My favorite part is I could have a small glass of wine and a bit of cheese as a bed time snack once in a while. :)
This is exactly like the Jorge Cruise plan I mentioned before.
Because my infant needed some serious round the clock care and daily trips to the hospital, Doctor, or specialist I only had time to work out on the weekends.
I didn't end up working out, followed the plan, was able to have a small bit of chocolate each night and something extra on the weekends and lost 30 lbs and kept it off.
No pain required. Because the eating habits in this plan were healthy and easy, they stuck with me after the weight was off.

Originally Posted by FlyGap    
Make a HUGE bucket of vegetable stew. I've been making homemade soups, do not eat out of a can! Those canned soups are LOADED with sugar, salt, etc. Take it to work in a thermos.

Eat a bit of chocolate, or whatever you love in the evenings. Don't deprive yourself, that's where you will fail and fall off the "wagon".
This. I make soups, stews, and casseroles loaded with veggies and one of the best "get it off quick, but feel full while doing it" healthy soups I found is Lentil soup chocked full of extra veggies.
A bowl of that topped with a little cheese for a good fat... and YUM!
    01-22-2013, 07:29 PM
Green Broke
Originally Posted by Kayty    

The BEST way to lose weight and keep it off, is to exercise more than what you eat. Simple as that.
I thought that I was fairly fit and active, and ate really quite well but wasn't losing much at all.
Joined the gym, within 2 weeks I had toned right up and felt great. LOTS of hard work, feeling like you're going to vomit, is required, but hell is it satisfying when you see the weight melt off.
While I agree exercise in some form or another is part of a well-rounded fitness plan, you should not have to work out to the point of feeling like you are going to vomit to make it successful. I lost over 60 lbs and kept it off for over 5 years and not once did I exercise to that point.

And sometimes simply slowing down and paying attention while we eat helps as well. Put the fork and spoon down between bites, taste your food and don't eat with distractions like the TV! And stop eating when you are no longer hungry rather than waiting until you are feeling full. Our minds need time to catch up. And get out of the clean-plate club. Tell yourself it is okay to not listen to mom and not clean your plate. Food left on your plate is food not going to your hips.
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    01-22-2013, 07:43 PM
Originally Posted by waresbear    
It is sustainable!

Not exercising to the point of wanting to vomit, that may be desirable and sustainable for you, scares the beejeezus out of me, and that sort of advice will leave my fat butt welded to the couch.

Of course you need to get mobile, most people now recommend a mixture of cardio and aerobic to get the best results, but yet again, body type will probably regulate what sort of exercise will be most successful. Also the type of body you want will determine the exercise routine.

Again different strokes for different folks, I'm glad that you have a successful regime for your health and fitness, just don't expect that your recipe will work for everyone.
    01-22-2013, 08:31 PM
I have never felt like I was going to vomit in the beginning, but I sure felt like stopping as I was exhausted, but after a month, it feels a lot better. Unfortunately, many peops say, no this won't work for me, how would you ever know if have never tried it? Is it easy, no! Is it worth it, yes!!!! I am not anyone special & if you want to change your life and feel good, energetic and be healthy and no worry about your weight, it's only an hour a day. If you are not willing to do that for yourself, I have no answers for you.
    01-23-2013, 05:22 AM
Ok my comment got blown out as usual!
The 'feeling like you're going to vomit' is to give the idea of just how hard you need to work initially. A little jog until you're a bit puffed and a touch uncomfortable will burn off a single square of chocolate if you're lucky. You NEED to get your heart rate right up, cardio exercise is what burns fat. Nothing else will do it as effectively. You can starve yourself, sit on the couch and watch TV, but the most you'll lose is a bit of water weight and I assure you, without exercise the weight will pile straight back on.

Again about exercising until you feel like vomiting - I know A LOT of people who whinge and whine about their weight, how they must just have a slow metabolism or how their weight is 'genetic' because they go to the gym!
Then at the gym, they do a bit of a shuffle on the treadmill, don't even break a sweat, then head off and buy a can of Coke on the way out.

The dieting ads are trying to make money, and they aim their campaigns at larger people who are quite lazy and can't deal with some discomfort. You WILL be uncomfortable if you want your exercise to make a difference, that's just the truth of the matter. Your heart rate has to go up, and you need to break a sweat. You need to push past that 'oh I feel a bit uncomfortable now' stage. This is why I got a personal trainer. I've never been 'big' but I did put on 10kg last year from being slack with my exercise and working an office job.
My personal trainer has pushed me beyond what I ever would have pushed myself if I was working on my own. And yes, I've felt sick, I'm been exhausted and I've been sore for 2 days after. But I didn't die, I COULD push that hard.
It is ALL about mind over matter. Your mind will give up 1000% times before your body does.

What else can I say but 'Suck it up, get off your butt and push yourself'. I assure anyone looking to lose weight, if you get your heart rate up for 30mins/day, you WILL lose weight and keep it off. You don't need to push that hard once you've lost the weight, to maintain it. The reward is so worth it, if you REALLY want that good body, want to be healthy and fit, then you will not allow the weak part of your brain to try and talk you into losing and laziness.
    01-23-2013, 08:42 AM
Green Broke
Was the comment blown out of proportion? There is a huge difference between getting your heart rate up 30 minutes/day and getting to the point of feeling like you have to vomit. HUGE difference - I've been to the point of vomiting many times when I was doing long-distance running and not once did I get anywhere near that point when I was exercising to lose weight and being successful at it. You might want to watch how you say things if you find people are misreading your intent as we only have your words to go by.

Getting your heart rate up 30-60 minutes/day is a good thing. I agree there. But unlike what you indicate above - it can be done with a jog/fast-paced walk. I know - I did it and maintained it for years - and I'm not talking no measily 20 lbs.

What a lot of people miss is that you have to combine exercise and a healthy diet plan. One without the other will get you no where - or you have to take the one to the extreme - extreme exercise or extreme diet - which neither is really healthy in the long run. But a moderate plan of cutting calories and choosing better foods while increasing activity level will create overall weight loss in a sustainable fashion.
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    01-23-2013, 09:32 AM
Yes, it CAN be done with a brisk walk/slow jog - BUT the heart rate has to go up, stay up, and you have to go past the point of feeling 'a bit uncomfortable'. Not sure what is hard to understand about that????
As I said earlier, less calorie intake than put out and the weight will come off. If you're exercising but going out for take away straight after, you're not going to lose much at all, if any.

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