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    02-09-2012, 11:05 PM
Originally Posted by sierrams1123    
but of course I went flying over the horses head into dirt...leaving me with this lovely injury :)
Ouch! And if option a fails i'll be going for option b for sure :)
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    02-09-2012, 11:12 PM
Green Broke
Originally Posted by sierrams1123    

It has been a good little while since my last fall.....about a year and a half ago....and it was not graceful at all.....I did the whole cartoon thing were you go soring through the air and come to a sliding stop on your face

But of course I went flying over the horses head into dirt...leaving me with this lovely injury :)
BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! That picture never gets old..I think I've seen you fall off maybe 3 or 4 times the whole time I've known you..

I've learned to fall gracefully lol...I've taken my fair share of spills but I've had the worst "falling" injury while my horse was standing still and I was leaning off of him to pick up a barrel...He sidestepped and I just slid right off. Dislocated and broke my elbow. Was not fun, and I felt pretty stupid..Right after it happened I was like "Soo cool! I broke my arm! I get a cast!"...I was quickly over that, wearing a full arm cast for a few weeks is NOT fun.
    02-10-2012, 12:49 AM
Originally Posted by DrumRunner    
Right after it happened I was like "Soo cool! I broke my arm! I get a cast!"...I was quickly over that, wearing a full arm cast for a few weeks is NOT fun.
I know that feeling, except when mine happened it was 'cause my brother pushed me off the woodshed roof (don't ask lol!)

When I fall I tend to actually relax now, it's just my instinct. After I broke my ribs coming off my first horse, I was trying and failing to scramble my way back on when I hit the ground at a full on gallop all hunched over from scrambling... Yeah, not fun.

My last fall I had, I was bucked off so high that I had time to look at the ground, and go "oh crap", relax and then hit the ground.. I WAS wearing my helmet, I never get on my horse or anyone elses without one. I ride in a Dublin Silverline, sooo comfy!! I'm on my second one, I seem to stick with one type of gear once I like it :)
    02-10-2012, 03:17 AM
I think the funniest fall was back a few summers ago when I was visiting with drum.

We had just finished working our horses and I decided I would take my mare for a swim in the pound. I stripped her down, kicked my boots and socks off and went for a dip.
After, I decided I would get off on the cement slab inside th pasture that surrounds the water trough and boarders the gates. I, for some reason, did not want to get dirt on my bare wet feet, so my plan was to get off on the cement then jump from the fence to the golf cart.
Anyways, I leaned over unhooked the gate, opened the gate, then closed the gate. When I went to hook the gate back I leaned over a little too far, slipped a little to my mares side and was stuck between her and the gate. At the same exact time my mare side steps causing me to slip further down her side, my chin and my face took out every bar on the way down, ding ding ding, and then I face planted into the cement.
I somehow managed to keep my legs around her so my body was bent at a weird angle that prevented me from pulling myself up, my only option was to pull my legs down causing my knees to smash into the cement.
I stayed laying face down on the cement before brushing the pain and hurt ego off.
So much for trying to stay dirtless :/
I walked it off and went in the house showered and changed into some clean cloths, after a few hours and no one had admitted they witnessed my grand idea I knew I was in the clear and no one has seen. Trust me if anyone in drums family had witnessed it they would have called me out within a second I walked through the door and never would have let me live it down (ask drum about ground beef). A few days later I shared both the story and some laughs with drum and her little sister about it and my pride returned, but believe me now I take the dirty feet and dismount before I attempt to do that wet again.
    02-10-2012, 10:16 AM
Green Broke
I'm sad I missed that...I don't remember ground beef? I remember something we laughed about and remember saying ground beef but I don't remember what happened...

Sierra is right though, if you fall off or do something embarrassing at my house you will hear about it forever and people will laugh at you for a looong time..

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