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Helmet importance - Why?

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        11-25-2011, 07:36 AM
    How many of the "Super Safety Club" pushing helmets also consistantly wear body protectors? If not, then there are no grounds to call people who choose not to wear helmets out, considering they, themselves, are not doing all they can to protect themselves. Just two cents from a person who is tired of being looked down on.
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        11-25-2011, 07:37 AM
    Green Broke
    You should wear a helmet riding a horse, a seatbelt in a car, a helmet on a motorcycle, I wouldnt ever support laws forcing you to do it nor even bat an eye at people that choose to or don't. Which brings me to an interesting point.
    How many of the overly critical helmet people wear safety toe shoes/boots around horses ?
    Broke toes are way more common than broke skulls.
        11-25-2011, 09:26 AM
    My goal was NOT to judge people but to make them aware. And I'm sorry, but a broken toe is NOTHING compared to having a concussion. I think you guys don't understand. I will have repercussions of this for the REST OF MY LIFE. I will probably NOT be able to go to vet school. It IS your choice to put on a helmet or not. But, I'm just trying to make you realize that putting on a helmet is not a big deal.

    Tinyliny, if you think that it is better, please change it.

    P.S.: Dressage top hats also fall in that cathegory.
        11-25-2011, 09:55 AM
    I posted this thread in March:

    Helmets and injuries - some studies (LONG!)

    I use a helmet about 90% of the time, but the preachiness of helmet fans drives me the other way.

    Jumping horses, with a helmet, is much more likely to result in a serious head injury than riding flats without them. How much? Depending on the study, the answer is anywhere from 10-80 times more likely. Meanwhile, wearing a helmet reduces your chance of serious injury by around 50% during a fall.

    Folks need to think of the total picture in risk management. If you jump, you accept your risk of serious head injury going up at least 1,000%, and maybe much more. Meanwhile, wearing a cowboy hat instead of a helmet increases your chance of serious injury by 100%. Who is living more dangerously?

    Do I run around trying to stop folks from jumping? Nope. Do you see threads started by western riders attacking jumping as a sport? Nope.

    Riding in an English saddle is also associated with greater risk, although no one has tried to quantify it. Why? Less support when things go really wrong.

    But do you see threads from western riders attacking those who ride English as a bunch of crazy fools? Nope.

    The worst fall I took hurt my back enough that I can feel it sitting here 3.5 years later. Fortunately, I was wearing a baseball cap! Who knows what would have happened without that layer of cotton!

    Do you see why I don't like anecdotal evidence in these debates?
        11-25-2011, 10:05 AM
    Originally Posted by 88Emerald88    
    ...So I fell after the jump...They put me on the backboard because they thought my mare might have stepped on my back...It took me 2 months to rehabilitate. And, to this day, I have trouble with my memory, my concentration, and my eyes are very sensitive to the light. Before, I was a top class student, able to remember everything. Now, I have trouble remembering why I went up the stairs. All that because I had 2 concussions. And I was wearing a helmet both times. Now, because of this, I will probably have trouble with my memory and my concentration for the rest of my life...
    I'm very sorry for your injuries. Maybe someone in the jumping world should have told you how much more dangerous it is to jump with horses than to ride flats. But again, jumping while wearing a helmet is much more dangerous than riding flats in a cowboy hat.

    If folks want to jump, they can. My daughter won't get that choice. Not as a child. But it sounds like you should be preaching the danger of jumping instead of the need for a helmet that you were wearing when you were badly hurt.
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        11-25-2011, 10:15 AM
    I love how my interjection of the use of body protectors gets ignored. You either put your all into safety, or you don't get to preach.
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        11-25-2011, 12:34 PM
    Originally Posted by grayshell38    
    I love how my interjection of the use of body protectors gets ignored. You either put your all into safety, or you don't get to preach.
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    That's why I wrap myself in bubble wrap when I ride.

        11-25-2011, 01:03 PM
    Ok, you're not reading what I was saying. I'm not preaching, judging or whatever else you can think of. I am stating a fact that if I hadn't worn my helmet at that time, I would be dead now. People saying ''it's your time'' would that mean I should be dead at 15 years old? And, yes, jumping has a higher risk. But flats have a risk too. My first concussion was on flat. My second, on jumps. You can do whatever you like. But you can't deny the fact that wearing a helmet decreases your chances of serious injury. I posted this thread not to yell at people ''you should always wear a helmet!!!''. I posted it because it's a fact that I would be dead now. You can either take the risk or not. It's your choice. I'm not judging anything. But I like being aware of the dangers of things before doing them. So please, the hatters, stop it, you're going nowhere. You're criticizing me because I supposedly criticize you, which is NOT the case. Riding horses IS a dangerous sport. But you can reduce those risks by protecting yourself. I posted this thread for the younger kids that don't realize that it COULD happen to THEM.
        11-25-2011, 01:15 PM
    Super Moderator

    I think it's too late to change this thread title now. The cat's out of the bag, soto speak . People sure do get defensive, on one side or the other.
        11-26-2011, 07:12 AM
    It is about choice. Whether someone else agrees with your choice or not, as long as your choice isn't putting someone else in danger, you should have the right to choose.

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