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Reaction to contrast? CT scan, swollen lymph glands

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        10-05-2013, 12:18 PM
    4horses, no I haven't had a gastric emptying test. Although I don't have any weight loss, I have weight gain if anything. I'm currently 200 lbs, which is barely overweight for my height. I'm usually 160, in good health.

    MsLady, my mom is actually suspicious that she has Lupus or something similar. But she can't get a diagnoses either. I'll press getting another CT scan in a couple months, then another scope if they are still swollen. Are his swollen in his bowel too? Or somewhere else?
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        10-11-2013, 04:29 PM
    Here's an update:

    The past couple days once been having heart palpitations. My blood pressure was as low as 90/35 and 140/90.. Last night it was 143/92. My heart rate was 140 this morning before school but I had an appointment tomorrow for a work up so I brushed it off. As the day went on my heart felt racey and fluttery. I was real light headed and losing balance, short of breath, and my eyes kept going out of focus. Then I felt like I had a phone vibrating in my chest and I felt like I was about to pass out. I took my blood pressure 15 minutes later, and it was 160/110. I went to the ER and they ended up giving me a 48 hour heart moniter (which was the plan from my primary doctor already)

    I just thought I'd let you guys know what's going on. I'm hoping I'll have results Tuesday.
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        10-30-2013, 11:17 PM
    Another update: The heart moniter results came back. My rhythm and such is fine, but I do have tachycardia. My heart rate gets up to 140/145 when I'm resting. I'm being sent to a cardiologist at Cook's in Ft. Worth for a work up to try to find a cause. That appointment is November 8th I believe. I've been told by my primary doctor to avoid exercise, caffine, fatty/greasy foods until my appointment.

    I'm still struggling with migranes. And the stomach pain has gotten out of hand, all night I wake up in pain. It feels like I've been kicked -HARD- in the stomach. The only relief if to take a very deep breath, (the kind where your stomach rises, not your chest) and it gives me a moment of relief.

    Does anyone else have any comments about anything?
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        10-31-2013, 12:16 AM
    I wish you luck. I have been fighting my mystery illness for 4 years with no real "diagnosis". This past year I've started getting migraines and having my legs collapse randomly.

    I recently had my heart checked and everything looked good.

    Is it possible you are malnurished? My potassium got too low once and caused me to have a seizure and my heart rate jumped way up to 140.
        10-31-2013, 02:17 PM
    I don't think so, my vitamin D is a bit low. But all my levels have been checked and come back normal so far. My knees will buckle a lot, but I think I have an alignment issue.
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        11-05-2013, 04:29 PM
    Update: I'm seeing a cardiologist on Friday. I went back to see my GI doctor yesterday, because I'm having flank pain (my back). So they're doing a urinary analysis, and I noticed that there was almost no color to my urine. Sorry if that's to much information lol. And I haven't drank much today, so I'm a bit worried. I'm also getting another CT in a month to check if my lymph glands are still swollen. If they increased in size, he's sending me to a cancer specialist :/
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        11-08-2013, 09:02 AM
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    I have battled immune problems, asthma, severe allergies and what has been labeled as 'multiple sensitivities' all of my life. This all led to serious migraines, eczema (so severe that I was asked one time if I could possibly have Leprosy), I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, another immune disorder and on and on and on.

    You can, indeed, have a severe reaction to contrast dye. The first time I had contrast dye used on me was when I was 27. I got sick, threw up and was sick (like with the flu) for 3 days. The second time I had contrast dye used was about 10 years later. I DIED! I had an anaphylactic reaction and went into cardiac arrest, received CPR, had 3 Epinephrine / Adrenaline injections and they finally re-started my heart.

    I found a Dr., quite by accident, that probably saved my life. Instead of trying to knock out my immune responses with steroids and other drugs that had nearly killed me, he went to the cause and identified the things that triggered my extreme immune responses and 'desensitized' me to them gradually like other allergists do with ordinary allergies.

    I will PM you with his name and contact information a little later in the day when I get back in.


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