Older malnutrition stud...still breed?

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Older malnutrition stud...still breed?

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        01-23-2014, 10:27 PM
    Older malnutrition stud...still breed?

    My mare was bred to a 22 year old, malnutritioned, limes disease infected stud this fall before I bought her a couple of days ago. The stud was put down in early November but was bred to my new mare September 5-21. I knew the mare and stud personally for a long time, but was just recently able to buy the mare. Do you think she is bred? She is a maiden mare and is 10 years old. She would be about 4 months along now but has not been vet checked. The stud, Skippas Lil Magic produced many nice foals before he was sold to a bad home before my friend bought him and my mare was bred to him. What do you think?
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        01-23-2014, 10:35 PM
    Its pointless to create multiple threads when noone on the internet can give you a yes/no answer if your mare is bred.

    If you want to know for sure, make a vet appointment.
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        01-23-2014, 10:44 PM
    No it is not pointless because that was not my question. My question here is if people think he would be suitable to breed or not because of his condition. My question was NOT is my mare bred. I don't really care if my mare is in foal or not. If she is, great, if she isn't, that's fine too. I'm set up for it either way

    Originally Posted by CLaPorte432    
    its pointless to create multiple threads when noone on the internet can give you a yes/no answer if your mare is bred.

    If you want to know for sure, make a vet appointment.
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        01-23-2014, 10:48 PM
    Here's my ultimate question for this thread. Do you think that a 22 year old malnurished, limes disease infected stud was able to get a mare pregnant? He passed away a couple of months ago so this is all I know. I can't get a vet check for any info on him.
        01-23-2014, 10:56 PM
    My question was NOT is my mare bred.

    From first post...
    Do you think she is bred?


    Yes, it is completely possible. Being malnourished isnt going to make a stallion infertile. Lyme disease could potentially cause infertility if the disease goes undiagnosed for a long, long time. And being 22, sperm counts are typically lower.

    There is the chance of the mare being bred. ...or not...
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        01-23-2014, 11:11 PM
    Nobody really knows how far he was with the limes. He had foals born in 2013 I believe before my friend bough him in the summer of 2013
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        01-23-2014, 11:14 PM
    Green Broke
    Vet. Vet. Vet. Vet. Get the vet out. He is the only one who can tell if your mare is in foal. And before you say "that's not my question", it is. If your mare is pregnant then obviously he is/was able to reproduce.
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        01-23-2014, 11:48 PM
    Green Broke
    Perhaps the best way to know if a 22 yr old, malnourished stud with lyme disease can get a mare pregnant is to get a pregnancy check done on your mare.

    (Not that it matters if the mare is pregnant, because you are ready for it either way!) But that would answer your question about he stud.
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        01-23-2014, 11:52 PM
    Green Broke
    Well you should know either way even if you are happy with the outcome either way.

    Can he? Of course. Is he less likely to than a young healthy horse? Of course. Other than that (which I'm sure you can tell yourself) we can't tell you anything so I'm not really sure of the question. Did he? We don't know, and it's basically the same question.

    As said, obviously get a vet check and if she is pregnant than you have you answer and if she is not you know that a) he was infertile or b) that she didn't take for whatever reason (low sperm count, something on your mare's end, luck, etc).

    I don't know why anyone would breed a stallion in that condition. For your mare's/the foal's wellbeing you should have her checked regardless.
        01-23-2014, 11:54 PM
    Green Broke
    And actually, I was in your shoes about 4 years ago. I bought a mare (for trail riding) and she was in with a stud. The guy selling the mare said he didn't think she was pregnant.

    I got her vet checked anyway. The first time the vet said she was open. A few months go by and the mare is getting bigger despite lots of trail miles. I got her checked again (even though my vet didn't think it was necessary) and viola, this time she is pregnant! The vet got a big grin on his face and said "I'm glad we checked your mare again." So it definitely happens. For real. The chances are actually pretty good.
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