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Originally Posted by gunslinger View Post
Okay....now I'm jealous......as that's one of the places I dream of riding one day.....
Me too..............

There is not a prettier place in the world than Yellowstone.

Carpe Diem!
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Originally Posted by celeste View Post
me too..............

There is not a prettier place in the world than yellowstone.
road trip!!!!!!!

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
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Painted Horse, I am pea green with envy.

Welcome MysticTrev to the trail ride!

Dawn, love the pictures. Did you win the joust with the spiders?

Mammakatya - OMG I have trailered Biscuit many times in his boots. I would have had a stroke if he fell in the trailer.

Celeste - I feel the heat and humidity here too. It wasn't so bad the last few days - VERY humid but the heat wasn't way up there. It was 87 or so which for August is dang near chilly.

Roux - love those pictures of the flowers. Is that blackeyed susans or what? So pretty!

Painted Horse OMG I am so jealous of that trip! Would love to ride there.

My cousin and I went riding Friday morning. I had enough done on my wedding cake that I rewarded myself!! We rode in the woods with me playing spider polo. Gaaaaa, one fell right on my chest and Biscuit had one crawl over his mane as I was whapping at it. He was so good about that!! We rode down the bayou until it got too hot so we turned and went back. My cousin has been very ill and she is just recovering so the heat isn't a good mix. We only rode a little more than 3 miles but since we have had a heavy rain today I don't think we are getting out tomorrow.

I took a picture of one of the spiders we encountered. My crop is a disgusting mass of Golden Orb threads. I need to take a razor blade to it to clean it!!

The huge pipelines going in to our area from Canada has an offshoot going right through the ranch about 30 yards from my horse's pasture. OMG it has been a mess going through there. I bottomed out my trailer hauling out yesterday. Today I could see a huge plume of water spraying into the air. As long as they don't blow up my horses, I couldn't care less what they are doing!

sunday ride and geyser 007 (800x600).jpg

sunday ride and geyser 019 (800x600).jpg

sunday ride and geyser 013 (800x600).jpg

Enjoying my Garmin and mapping trails
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Hey! Long time no see :P Been busy busy just haven't been able to keep up.

QQS thats crazy about the pipeline, at least no horses were hurt by it. Glad you and Biscuit are getting some good rides in.

Its been pretty hot and humid to ride here....or raining. Haven't gotten too much riding in. Last weekend Dexter did give some pony rides to my nephew and my moms friends two granddaughters. He was a champ for it. Since then though the week got kinda bad. I think I've made the decision to send him to a trainer to finish him off since I just don't have the know how to. Thursday I came off when he went into a crazy bucking fit, all I can think of that happened is he got bit/stung by something. I'm alright, he was ok after he finally stopped and realized he was still in one piece. Got back on and finished ride. This morning I was going to ride with BO and new boarder that moved in...all morning he seemed kinda on edge. Put his saddle on, then new renter/boarder and her husband started moving this shelf to put in shed...he freaked out and started bucking at my trailer, broke my lead rope and took off bucking through the woods. Finally caught him and he was just so strung out. I decided I wasn't going to get on him....He broke a boot in the process too....So took him back to trailer, got saddle off, and lunged him for a few minutes to make sure he was ok. I don't know if its the new people and all the comotion with them moving and and the new horse or what but his "go to" being a giant bucking fit needs to stop. So hopefully I can get him in with a trainer everyone recommends and get him more solid about people getting on and just more level headed. We've been doing so well I'm pretty upset and shaken up with this set back, I just don't have the facility and know how to deal with it :(

The kids loved him and he loved all the attention. Took him over to my friends barn the next day, didn't ride though, he was all worried about the horses pulling carts again. He did settle down but I needed to get home. He tried to take me in the little pond with him.

Found a car if anyones looking for one...

So from the miles from 3 rides, we're at 221.51 for the year now.
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Evil, so sorry to hear about the issues with Dex. Very glad you weren't hurt, but how very scary and frustrating that that is his reaction to everything now. Hope you can get him into the trainer and that s/he can work with both of you to move past it.

Denise, compared to the spiders you are dealing with, ours are microscopic. I would want a heck of a lot more than a branch if the spiders here looked like that!!

Went to an endurance ride this weekend, where I was to ride a friend's horse (Tuesday, who is Gamer's half-sister). DH was going to help us and to volunteer. Unfortunately, the mud and boot issues that sidelined us earlier in the season happened again, and we rider-optioned at the first hold. One good thing, the trail was basically the same loop 3 times, so we saw all the trail anyway!!

Since we wound up coming home from the ride earlier than expected, we had some free time to get the boys out for a leg-stretcher today. DH needed to fetch his tractor from the main farm, so I suggested we ride over and I would pony his horse back. Wasn't a very long ride, but the boys felt great.

the notorious baby blue half chaps:

got weeds?

Getting ready to head home. I had never ponied with Sultan before, but he has a reliable neck rein now so I figured to give it a try. They did great.

2014 mileage
08/14/14 dream 20.21 miles 6.7 mph 878.15 total miles
08/17/14 sultan w/george 4.52 miles 5.1 mph 882.67 total miles

There is no joy equal to that found on the back of a horse.
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I rode a shade under 10, and it was miserable 103 degrees, humidity in the upper 90's and flies, flies, FLIES. Everywhere! It seemed like the fly spray was fly attractant, poor fat pony was miserable....which made my tried and true pony a PITA. I called it a day at 10, plus it looked like it was about to rain, (never did just thundered, and a few lightening flashes). I am not sure of my total, and I am too whipped to look it up lol.

FYI, it is spelled W-H-O-A.
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I rode 10 miles on Saturday and 6.3 miles on Sunday, which puts me at a total of 73 miles. My goal is to hopefully hit 100 miles by the end of August. I got shoes on Sassie Wednesday so I can start riding her again instead of my dad's horse.

Saturday, my cousin picked me and Sassie up so we could haul out. The best thing about the ride to me was the fact my mare loaded both times no issue. We normally have major loading problems we are working with. We ended up riding with a group of 9 ladies, only 2 others of them did I know. We all had a good time, but Sassie kept bucking and I didn't figure out until the end of the ride that she was probably bucking every time a horse fly landed on her. Horse flies are bad where we rode.

Sunday, I had a friend come ride my dad's horse at the trails we board by. My now friend is experience but has had her confidence broken awhile back, and my dad's horse takes an experience rider so it was a fight between them two the whole ride, on my dad's horse trying to test her. She used to ride him often, but it's been almost a year since she rode him. Now, my mare on the other hand acted just like she should. She never once bucked at a walk, trot or lope. This is makes me very happy because we just not got her to start bucking at the lope. My friend did notice a few things for me, since I never really get to see how she moves with a rider as I'm the only one who rides her. She is almost over reaching and her back leg she almost hits while she is lope. I have a set of bell boots, I'll start riding her in, but what type of boots for her legs would be best. We ride in lots of water and mud. I really don't wanna ride my SMBs in the mud. I'm thinking splint boots. I have a pair for my dad's gelding I”m gonna try on her, the next ride.
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I am so envious of all the riding. I spent Friday evening cutting my daughter's 2 acres because her mower went down. Got done around 8 pm after getting there at 6pm. Saturday I worked 2.5 hours and went home at 9am to start working on clearing out carport, installing our custom mailbox and being talked into play war with airsoft guns by the three teenage girls.

That was a hoot!!!

Sunday was church then shopping for shelving for the tack room and grass killer. Ended up getting a new ceiling fan for the family room and a couple of other things. Spent the evening watching toddlers while DW took teen girls back to church for quizzing practice.

I did get the part ordered for my dually and it should be here tomorrow so hoping the mechanic can get it done Saturday so I'll be back on the road Monday.

I am Second
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Aw Roadyy find some horsey time soon!

PH that sucks about the ride, I guess its better then seeing the same loop 3 times though, that would get so boring. My old trainer I think had those exact same blue half chaps LOL!

6gun...You're doing better then me, I'm way too much of a wimp to ride if its that hot and humid.

Spotted, I actually used my SMB's on trails (well used to we go naked now) I'd get them wet and muddy...then when I got back to the barn hosed them off and hung them to dry and they were like new the next day. I know they're expensive so it seems like it sucks to get them all muddy but theyre pretty tough! At least I thought they were.

I actually got in a good ride today :) Got to the barn and it was nice and quiet, Dexter trotted up to me in the field rather then running away from me like yesterday. I went out with rope halter, lunge line and whip to go over all our ground work. He was a super star at it...felt like I had my normal horse back...so I decided I might as well ride since its nice out and supposed to rain the rest of the week! Got him up to my trailer and he instantly started eating his hay...yesterday he wouldn't touch it...so I felt that was a good sign :) Got on and headed out. We worked a LOT of one rein stops, stopping off my seat and backing, I think it was good for him to do a good schooling ride rather then plodding along letting his mind wander. A few times he tried to trot without permission and I shut him down so fast, I think he was surprised lol! So was a good day, I'm glad, yesterday he was psycho pony. He broke my saddle bags, one of his boots and my lead rope yesterday. I guess the plus side to the broken boot is that gives me a reason to buy renegades rather then another easyboot glove ;)

Pretending to be a good boy with one ear on me listening ;)

2.58 miles today, 224.09 for the year

I see some of my pictures from last thread didn't show up, trying again on them!

My 4 year old nephew

I wish he was as nice to me as he is kids...he like KNOWS they're kids and is 10x more gentle with them
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Originally Posted by evilamc View Post
So was a good day, I'm glad, yesterday he was psycho pony.
He must have read some of the posts about my girl...................
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