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Guns on the trail

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        02-14-2010, 11:50 PM
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    Originally Posted by wild_spot    
    ^ I was more responding to Kevin about the gun laws - I have no interest in politics so am not really qualified to talk about it even if I did care!

    Back to guns - I don't think my views are a results of where I was brought up. I have been with my dad shooting crows and rabbits and know quite a few people who shoot. My views are more related to me being a wuss! I couldn't shoot anything - I can't even give a needle to a cow. The roughest country I ride is when i'm getting cattle off the hills with dad - he would be the one to do the deed if we had to shoot a horse. I actually found a horse who needed to be shot and imediately called dad. Unfortunately it died by the time he got there (a few minutes) but even if I had a gun I couldn't have done it. I know it is the right thing to do, but I could not bring myself to do it. It's a crappy part of my personality - it causes me grief sometimes, but I am what I am and I couldn't shoot anything.

    Plus, I am super clumsy so would be nervous I would accidentally shoot myself or something! Since the only possible reason I would actually use a gun for is frightening a robber or such I could probably make-do with a fake to wave around, lol!
    I understand why you feel you don't like guns, and you are calling yourself a wuss, I see where you could be called that. But you are honest enough to know what you can and can't do, there is more honest than some "gun nuts". I would also suggest taking a martial arts class to help with your clumsiness, it might help your riding ability too.

    I am also strongly progun rights, but every person has the right to decide for themselves if they want or need a weapon and like all freedoms to accept the moral and legal responsibility that goes with it.
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        02-17-2010, 10:44 AM
    Wow, I didn't mean to open such a BIG can of worms! I am planning to get my permit. THANKS for the humilitation to make me go ahead and get it done.

    I know that owning and using a gun is such a personal opinion. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion and I'm proud we have the right to do/think as we chose. If you would not use a gun in certain situations then by all means please don't get one. THAT IS YOUR RIGHT! On the other hand, it is my right to have one and I am extremely thankful I have that right.

    Thank you everyone for your opinion and for putting in your 2cents. I appreciate all the comments. One of the posters said he had a gun and nobody ever even knew he had it. THAT is EXACTLY my thoughts on the subject. I want to have it but don't want anyone to know it's there. I hope I NEVER HAVE TO USE IT, either on 2 or 4 legged critters.


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