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Have you ever lost your horse?

Alright, I admit it. I lost Thelma once. I had her for a week and had been riding bareback around the property quite a bit and other than a little calling to the other horses, she was awesome.

So on my next day off I saddle her up and head out down the road. The road I am on is not used often by anyone other than people who live on the road, but even so, cars going by were nothing. She was being a little stubborn about going out and was calling to my other horses,but I figured that she would get over it once we were out further and got going a bit. She wasn't spinning around or refusing to go or anything like that, just not moving forward with as much vigor as I would like and had her attention elsewhere.

The plan was to take it slow and walk the two and a half miles to my grandmother's house. This consisted of a right turn off of SL road on to G road and then at the end of G road was a left turn on to H road and a half mile up H road was the right turn on to R road which my Grandmother lives on.
None of this ended up happening.

About two yards from the first turn on to G road a combine was coming up the road from behind me so I move her to the other side of the road to wait for it to pass while standing in the driveway of a hay field. The field was well grown in and as soon as the combine had passed and I asked Thelma to move forward she started to back up instead since her head was still back with the other horses and that is the direction she wanted to go.

She backed into the fence line and (I didn't know what happened until I went back later) she hopped around and freaked out. She spun around backward, effectively dislodging me from the saddle, and ran straight through the hay field toward home. (at least that is what I hoped)
I ran after calling for her since she generally has a really good verbal woah, but she was freaked out bad. I lost sight of her and when I came over the hill and got to the edge of the hay field it was fenced, though grown over, so she had to have jumped it. I run straight back to the farm and go check to see if she went to the gate or something. Nope.

So I go yelling to my BO who works at home and we head out the search for her in the car. About a mile the opposite direction I was heading earlier is a pretty major intersection and a township where I live, so I was hoping one of the farms down the road had grabbed her or something. After half hour of searching and I was totally freaked out and alot of the fields were already harvested so she could have easily took off in just about any direction. UGH!

We decide to go back and make sure she didn't find her way home only to see her happily munching away at the neighbor's front law. She whinnies at me when she sees me and starts walking over to me. I go and catch her and see that her left rear leg is scraped and bloody, but she didn't seem to be favoring it at all. I led her back to the barn,un tacked her, and cleaned her leg(only superficial scrapes. Nothing deep at all.) apply scarlet oil, and then feed her before walking back up to the spot she freaked out.

I looked through some of the overgrown grass and there was a broken tee post only about a foot and a half sticking out of the ground.
No wonder she flipped out like that. Poor girl.

I have since been working on her herd bound issues more slowly and she is coming along nicely, though she has not been off the property since then.
I thought that I was being perfectly vigilant, but I should have known better than to take her where there is tall grass that could have hazards in it. I can't blame her for becoming scared when she was "attacked" out of the blue like that.
So that's the story of how I lost my horse for a half hour once. Anyone else?

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hmmm not me, but at a competitive trail ride I was at a lady lost her horse. She had taken him into the water for a drink and he spooked, bucked her off into the water and ran off into the woods. A search party of 4 wheelers and people on foot, along with a few vehicles went out and they brought the horse back 3 hours later with the saddle missing. The poor lady was pretty shook up, but everyone made out ok.

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Lol. The first horse I ever got, we went out did all the searching ect ect., did a vet check on the horse I liked, then that weekend we went to pick him up, and promptly took him up to the Cuyamacas camping with my god family and their horses, and my dad and his horse. Well, we all decided to go on a trail ride the next day, and about half way down the trail my horse starts acting up (he's in an egg butt snaffle cause thats what his previous owner said was a good bit for him, and I was in an english saddle), so me and my dad head back to camp while the rest of the riders continued down the trail. As soon as we got back to the main road (big dirt road into the camp ground), my horse REALLY starts acting up and rearing, so I get off, and stupidly tell my dad to go get help, since neither of us was extremely experienced with horses, so as soon as his horse gets out of site around the bend, I end up losing hold of the reins as my horse continues to freak out, and off he goes straight down the side of a rocky ravine (he couldn't use the road would have been too easy), and up the otherside, where I could no longer see him. I'm running screaming at the top of my lungs, "I LOST MY HORSE I LOST MY HORSE BALOO IS LOOSE". By the time I get back to the campsite, my godmother has a bucket of grain, and is trying to entice my horse to go in his stall, and the rest of everyone is trying to herd him around to the gate, fortunately my godmother knows horses, but prefers not to ride. It took I think half an hour to get that horse back in his stall. I'm pretty sure that the other campers thought we were completely nuts. We put one of my godsisters barrel racing bits on my bridle, and lunged him before we took him out the rest of the trip, and upon talking to the old owners found out that he had been getting crappy alfalfa, and probably not as much as he should have gotten, weight wise anyways. And then of course put him in a new situation with new horses, and new owners, and recipe for disaster. Of course when my dad and I went to go get our hay for the trip, we bought the absolute best alfalfa you could find in town, so of course that just made matters worse. Then I get him home, and start riding, and the darn horse had like no impulse to move forward AT ALL. Laziest horse I've met.
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I'll share a couple of stories.

We had ridden ten miles into a remote area of the Uinta Wilderness. We turned the horses out in a large meadow to eat. we had a group of folks and 19 horses. While the horses grazed, We strung a hot wire around the meadow. One of the horses decided he wanted to head back and took off before we got the hot wire all the way around. We didn't worry to much, because the remaining 18 horses all stayed grazing. The lady who owned him took off after him and we thought we would see her leading him back in a couple of minutes.

Well hours passed and darkness came. We debated about what to do. Go look for her. Wait for her. In the darkness she came riding back into camp. The horse had gone all 10 miles back the to trailer. She had jobs all 10 miles behind him trying to catch him. At the trailer the horse stood and let her catch him. But she had no tack, since it was all at camp. She found some bailing twine and made a war bridle and hopped on bare back for the 10 mile ride back to camp.

Horses in the meadow. Usually after a 10 mile hard ride, The horses are happy to stand still and graze or drink. But we are much more careful about turning them out with out them being restrained.

On another trip we were up near Jackson Hole. We had stayed at a friends ranchette. It was 20 acres of pasture, all enclosed in a fence. We pulled through the gate. Let the horses out to graze and went to bed in the trailer. In the morning we got up. Iwas an early riser and decided to take the horses down tot he river to water while I waited for the others to get up. One friend and I collected the 6 horses. 3 each. and lead them trhu the gate and down to the river. The friend with me got his leads tangled as the horse pushed and shoved to get to the water. He dropped the lead rope, thhinking he could collect it and sort out the tangle. His 3 horses immediately crossed the river and were off at a run dragging their leads. I took my horses back to the trail. saddled up quickly, yelled for the sleepy heads to hurry and come and off we went. Those horses could have clear across The tetons and Yellowstone before they hit a fence. It took us several hours before we found them ad brought them back to the trailer.
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my horses has never bucked me off and gotten lost. but we are leasing about 60 Acres. and Sparta figured out how to get out. and i abouth ad a heart attack trying to find him.. and he was only lost for about 15 minutes! idk what i would do if we lost a horse for over 30 minutes...

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I lost my heart horse for 3 whole days!

I had him at my families farm where he was the only horse. I had bought him a buddy horse who ended up kicking him in the face and breaking two of his teeth. I sold buddy horse with the intention of buying him another.

Inbetween that time, he broke out of the fence in search of other horses. He did it in the middle of the night in the middle of summer. I searched all the farms in a few miles from his home and nothing. I was in a full out panic. I had phone calls into the vets office and to the local auction house just incase he would show up there.

I was driving to the store about 5 miles away when I just happened to glance by at a horse farm that I had considered too far away. He was out in the field, grazing next to a horse he had buddied up with.

The woman said she had recognized him from me riding him around but wasn't sure what farm I came from. She said if I hadn't come by, she was just going to keep him around since he was such a nice little guy. She found him wandering on the road the night that he disappeared and actually RODE him back to her farm 2 miles away.

She was nice enough to lend me her old mare to keep him company until I found him another buddy horse.
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That sounds so scary Grayshell! I'm glad she's ok!

I was on a trail ride once where a horse bolted (it was a bad idea on the part of the rider since she knew that that horse had a bolting problem when it was being cantered, but oh no, "she could handle it"), then said horse ran under a tree and basically scraped the rider off and ran back towards the trailer. I was really far away at that point so I kicked Lacey into high gear and went over to help the girl who had fallen off since she hadn't gotten up and I didn't know the horse that had run off like others on the ride. The people who knew the other horse went off to get her and it all worked out. She was only "lost" for about 5 minutes but it was still scary!

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Rest peacefully, Lacey.
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I've had a problem with my horse before
When I used to be back at my old barn I went one morning to feed my horse and I fed him and left. About 2 hours later I decided it would be a nice day for a trail ride so I went back and bridled him and took him out bareback. He was doing really well so we crossed Connetqout Avenue onto the other street where the gate to the trails were.

He gave me a hard time going into the gate but, I got him in and proceeded to mount up again. No problems. We walk/trot/cantered a couple of miles, crossed our little bridge area, kept going up and had been out there for like a good hour or so. Those trails were gorgeous! when you were out there it was hard not to stay out. So about an hour and a half into the trail I turned him around and decided to go home. He flipped back around, bucked twice, tried to rear and I popped him on the head as like a "no don't you even" and he stopped. Turned him back towards home and that's when it went down! LOL.

I was going to do a nice walk and a little trot home and he decided to go all nuts. He bucked, stopped, looked back at me and GALLOPED off with me on his back BAREBACK!! I'm pulling back on the reins, asking him to whoa, sitting deep and nothing was working. He was taking sharp turns and the more I asked him to whoa and the more I pulled back on my reins, the more he ripped the reins right out of my hands and kept going. I eventually one rein stopped him and thought that was it so I got off sat on the side and after that walked him for a couple of miles up the trail. He was being okay so I figured he was just hyper and I got back on. BIG MISTAKE! He did it again and before I could grab hold of the reins!! I grabbed his mane and tried to grab hold of the reins but, once again he took a sharp turn and I came flying off at a gallop on hard ground!!

I remember rolling to the ground screaming and seeing him take off and like 10 mins later I re gained consciousness. I had a bruised up face(and I have the picture to prove it LOL), mild concussion, my mouth was bleeding inside, back of my neck was all swollen, it was a mess!!! and I had NO idea where my horse was!! I thought he would go home but, I was wrong!! I called my boyfriend and told him to rush over here that beau was MIA and 45 mins later we found him pacing back and forth on the trail. I was rushed to the hospital with a mild concussion, whiplash for falling off, and couple of days later serious bruising to the face. I was soooo embarrassed when I got to work that Tuesday. Everyone questioned, my boss thankfully sent me home and that week I lost my job because they had to send me home and they didn't want a repeat. I am lucky I didn't break anything. Ah well!!

I also put the picture up so you could see what happened after I gained consciousness. I had swelling to the face too.
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I have wooded trails that lead to a river behind my house, and sometimes my friends and I used to ride my horses down there and take them swimming in the river. Since we knew we'd be going in the water, we'd ride bareback and wear shorts. One time my friend had on really slippery shorts and just about as we had reached the river, she slipped off and her horse spun around and headed for home. So I had her get on my horse with me. Of course this caused the other two horses to get flighty and excited and we were all a bit flustered ourselves. Then, the other friend realized he had ridden into a patch of burning nettles and began yelling "Burning nettles!! burning nettles!!" I don't think he even touched them, but I think was nervous he was going to slip off and land in them. The two of us on my horse began laughing uncontrollably at him and we ended up falling off and then he did too (luckily not in the burning nettles.) Our horses took off for home with out us and we had to walk back. My mom wasn't too happy about 3 horses coming home without any riders. Luckily she was outside and caught them right away.
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Beau....OUCH. The only fall I've ever had on trail was when I was riding my godsisters old barrel horse mare in an english saddle, and she decided to jump the SMALL creek on the trail that we've done many times. This horse had never jumped before in her life, nor had she ever shown an inclination to try and avoid stepping in the water, so it was a complete surprise to me. I fell off in a nice soft spot though my body imprint was left for a week after the incident. Every other time I've fallen off its been in an arena. I don't know what I would do if I fell off on trail, and got a concussion. I've been lucky so far in that respect. I do find it funny that your horse didn't go all the way to the way home, or back to find you lol. I'm glad your boyfriend was able to come help you, and find your horse.
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