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Ok, The first 2 weeks of July, I'm going to be down near TN and WV. If we could do mid to late August, that would be much better for me.
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Sorry for the double post, but as far as I know right now, anytime in Sept is good.
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Ahhh neither of those work for me I'm going to a Matt McLaughlin clinic those dates in August. How about any other weekend in August? lol. Sept *might* work for me if Charli and I horsepool.

Edit: Oh, and I can supply an extra horse. My gelding can handle anyone from beginner to advanced in a huge group and he LOVES overnights. I was gonna ride my mare to get her used to horsecamping =) IF we have enough room on the trailer or you wanna use my horse and pitch in for costs I can supply a horse for someone, definitely =)

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Thoser September dates may not work for me because that's my birthday weekend , but I may be able to squeeze out of that.
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Originally Posted by HorseOfCourse View Post
Thoser September dates may not work for me because that's my birthday weekend , but I may be able to squeeze out of that.
It's also the weekend AFTER my birthday What better way to celebrate it! It's always great fun to make the local places deliver to the horseman's camp. Harvest Moon Cafe's pizza is awesome. We can order in some pizza and have a cake delivered and celebrate b-days there!

Personally I'd love the September weekend, but I want everyone to be able to come - my schedule is pretty much completely open so find what works for all! What about the third weekend in August?

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Just FYI for all of you, here is a list of the horseman's camp regulations. If any of you have questions, I can call and inquire at the office about it for you. I know some of these rules listed I have not seen enforced, but if any one has any questions about any of the rules please let me know.

(For example, people always wash their dishes at the water pumps. And I've never even heard of mules and donkeys not being allowed out of the camp and on the trail - seen them out there many times! I can understand not wanting llamas out there though) It doesn't specify here, but I've also never seen dogs out on the trails, only in the campgrounds.

We'll also need to find out which end of the campground we want to reserve our spaces at. Does anyone intend to use an RV or LQ trailer where you would need electricity/water hook ups? The two campgrounds are somewhat separate - the primitive camp is at one end back in the trees, the electric sites are at the other end in a more open field area. If no one does need the electric sites, we can rent at the other end in the primitive camp ground which is back under the trees - much nicer! (And I think they are cheaper too). We are farther from the showerhouse that way, but the shade makes up for it. :)

Public Policies and Procedures for Campground Operations

• Properties shall rent to first-come, first-serve campers (also known as walk up or local sale rentals, hereafter, referred to as local sales)
if sites are available.
• Each group shall register at the control station, property office, with a department representative, or through self-registration (where provided) for
each night’s camping. The nightly camping fee, to be paid in advance, shall entitle the group to occupy one campsite for one overnight period for
each night they have paid the fee.
• An individual may register as many campsites as desired but must present, at registration, the names and addresses of individuals who will occupy
each site. Renting only one night will not guarantee availability beyond the first night due to the central reservation system. Please remember,
internet reservations may be made 24/7 and sites may be reserved the same day of arrival until 12 noon.
• Campers registering by local sales may request a specific site if that site is available.
• One camping group shall be permitted to occupy one campsite in a campground. A camping group consists of as many as six persons, not
necessarily related. One main camping unit per campsite with one additional tent and one dining fly are permitted per site and subject to the
property manager’s discretion. Horse campgrounds permit additional trailers for horse transport and some of these units provide family living
space. In this situation, the horse trailer may serve as either the main or the secondary camping unit.
• Campsites reservations are available on line at Indiana Department of Natural Resources or by calling 866-622-6746. Local sales may be processed in person at the
property; however, reservations may only be made on line or through the call center at the internet address and/or telephone number listed above.
• An individual 18 years old is required to register personally for the group or family with the department’s representative at the site. Campers under
18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (18 years of age or older) or obtain permission from the department’s representative on the site
in advance of the stay. The responsible party registering or reserving a campsite shall remain with the group on the site.
• It is unlawful to locate any camp, tent, trailer, or vehicle at any place except as especially provided, designated or assigned. It is also unlawful to
sleep in or occupy between the hours of 11 p.m. to 7 a.m., any camper, tent trailer, or vehicle except where designated by the department or as
authorized by a written permit.
• Individuals permitted to enter a property to camp after designated quiet hours and prior to 7:00 a.m. will be charged the normal camping fee for
the previous night and may be directed to a temporary parking area. Those entering the property after 7:00 a.m. will be registered with the
new day’ business.
• Horse Campground only: Horses will be allowed in the horseman’s campground only. Campers accompanying horse campers and intending to
participate in equestrian activities will be permitted to register for a campsite in the horseman’s campground. These campers must purchase at
least one horse trail access tag per campsite per night and follow all other established campground rules and regulations. Persons with Llama,
mules, and donkeys are restricted to horse campgrounds.
• Campground occupancy is limited to a period not to exceed fourteen (14) consecutive nights. At the end of any camping period the camping group
must completely vacate the property with all equipment, for a minimum of 48 hours. Failure to comply will result in impoundment and disposal of
equipment in accordance with department regulations.
• Leasing or subleasing campsites or equipment on a site is prohibited.
• The washing of dishes or pets at drinking fountains, lavatories or laundry tubs is prohibited. Dishwater must be disposed of through proper sanitary
facilities; it must not be discharged on or into the ground. The washing of automobiles or boats in the camping area is prohibited.
• It shall be unlawful to possess fireworks.
• Quiet hours shall be observed from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.
• Dogs, cats or other pets must be caged or kept on a leash no longer than (6) six feet and must be attended at all times. Pet waste must be
properly disposed.
• All refuse and garbage is to be placed in receptacles provided for that purpose. If refuse is left at campsite, the occupant may be billed for
cleaning and disposal fees. Pet waste is considered refuse.
• All firearms (except validly licensed handguns), BB guns, air guns, bow and arrows, CO2 guns, or spear guns must be unloaded or unstrung and
stored in a case or locked in a vehicle when using campgrounds on Department of Natural Resources properties.
• In controlled campgrounds, only one mode of motorized transportation shall be allowed per campsite. Two large motorcycles are allowed per campsite.
Except, one per person of the following may be kept on the site: licensed mini bike, moped or other small licensed motorcycle under 100cc.
• On some DNR properties two modes of transportation shall be allowed per campsite due to campground design or other factors.
• Property roads on DNR properties are considered state roads and all state motor vehicles laws are applicable. There are restrictions on the use of
vehicles and motorized carts. See property manager.
• Check in and out time is 2 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 5 p.m. on Sunday and holidays. Check out times strictly enforced.
• It shall be unlawful to build a fire except in designated public use areas, provided by the Department of Natural Resources for that purpose. Fires
shall be entirely extinguished immediately after use. Lighted matches, cigarettes, cigars, or other articles afire shall be thoroughly extinguished
before being discarded. The Department or its authorized representative may prohibit all fires in any area when deemed necessary for the
protection of the property.
• The camping hangtag or campground receipt must be retained by the camper as a pass through the main gate and campground gate. Only
those vehicles with valid receipts are permitted to enter the campground. All visitors to a campsite must park in a designated area outside the
campground, however, a twenty minute entrance pass may be issued to permit loading and unloading.
• Valid campground hangtag or campground receipt will be honored at all DNR properties for waiver of entrance fees.
• Properties shall issue additional entrance passes for extra vehicles belonging to registered campers. This additional entrance pass will permit
entry into the property without additional charges for the duration of the visit. An additional entrance pass may only be issued for a vehicle after an
entrance fee has been collected on that vehicle.
• Property managers will use proper discretion in allowing the mobility impaired to drive into the campground. Managers should also allow park
visitors controlled access to the campground during slow periods for the purpose of marketing the campsites for future rental.
• On state park properties the collection of firewood is prohibited.
• It shall be unlawful to injure, cut, destroy, remove, mutilate, or deface any building structure, sign, rock, tree, shrub, vine or property whatsoever,
or pick any flower or take or rifle the nest of any bird or den, nest or abode of any wildlife animal or to rock climb or rappel on land subject to the
regulations in 312-IAC 8-2-10.
This is not a complete list of DNR rules and regulations. For a complete list inquire at property office.

Also, here is a link to a PDF of the trail guides and maps! All the trails are well marked, some are very easy, some are quite difficult, all are lots of fun!


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Sounds like it's going to be awesome! I'd love to come, but between farming and having family visit for the summer, and my upcoming wedding, I'm not sure if I can make it. It really depends when it is.

"Riding a horse is not a gentle hobby, to be picked up and laid down like a game of solitaire. It is a grand passion. It seizes a person whole and, once it has done so, he will have to accept that his life will be radically changed." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Originally Posted by NittanyEquestrian View Post
Ahhh neither of those work for me I'm going to a Matt McLaughlin clinic those dates in August. How about any other weekend in August? lol. Sept *might* work for me if Charli and I horsepool.

Edit: Oh, and I can supply an extra horse. My gelding can handle anyone from beginner to advanced in a huge group and he LOVES overnights. I was gonna ride my mare to get her used to horsecamping =) IF we have enough room on the trailer or you wanna use my horse and pitch in for costs I can supply a horse for someone, definitely =)
Nittany, I might just take you up on that if you are still willing. It would make it TONS easier to not have to trailer Tom all the way from Missouri. Pm me.

And Indy, I would personally enjoy a slightly more challenging ride if the others and thier mounts wouldn't be averse to it.

Ω Horses are a projection of peoples dreams Ω

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post #49 of 147 Old 04-02-2010, 05:16 PM
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Another thing to help the trip go smoothly is to figure out what every one has, what anyone has expertise with, and what paople need like First aid kits, tents, food, emergency equip, people good at knotting for high lines and such, maybe someone who is license and experienced with a handgun in case of unwanted critter or people problems out on the trail, ect.

Ω Horses are a projection of peoples dreams Ω
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Green Broke
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PD, oh gosh I didn't even think about it conflicting with your wedding! Duh me!

Honeysuga - I love the rough trails, the harder the better, but I'll have to see what level fat Claymore is up to by the end of summer *lol* There are hitching posts at all the campsites at the horseman's camp, so you wouldn't need a high line unless you prefer it. (I'll attach a picture of the posts at Brown County - we always put 4 horses to a hitch, but you can squeeze in 6 in a pinch) I have a first aid kit I keep in my car, and also a saddle bag first aid kit, which of course I'll bring. I have a good number of cast iron camp cookware, so I can bring those as well, I DON'T have a tripod right now but I could get one before then, if no one else has one. As far as a handgun, never a bad idea, but as far as critters out there the biggest you'll come across is a bobcat. We don't have large predators around here - you'll mostly see deer, wild turkey, and maybe a few fox out on the trail. I have never taken a handgun camping at Brown County before, the other campers have always been great and hanging out with them is half the fun, however I have always been out there camping with a good number of big burly guys, too, not a group of just us gals *lol* I have taken firearm safety and have a permit, but haven't owned a gun in a lot of years with a kidlet in the house. I can check in with the ex husband though (he's an IPSC competitor).

(That's the hitches at Brown County - and my old QH Twister, best horse I ever had. That is NOT my gear on him, LOL, that particular trip a friend of mine was riding him, I was riding the piebald mustang mare behind him)

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