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"just" a trail rider?

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        11-16-2008, 12:14 PM
    I didnt really have a choice...well I did but I didnt like the other option.
    My horse hates the arena with a passion. I swear if he could talk when we ride in an arena he would be cussing me out, im not even kidding, he's a holy terror in an arena, but I can take him out to our neighbors pasture(its like a mini forest) and he's a completly different horse! He's also a little bit of a speed demon so we kind of take the trail a bit faster pace than the normal trot or canter...*cough* and staying on my horse through that pasture at that speed is crazy but its fun, he likes it I like it,
    Every horse is different, they look at things differently, they think differently just like people, one person that likes to paint, could love to skateboard, we just have to find what suits us and go with it no matter what anybody says.
    I personally agree with my horse, I don't like the arena either but sometimes its necessary to work on some manners or new things to try on the trail even, or I know some people who barrel race and rope and all that, they take their horses out on trails too, but both them and their horses like to barrel race and rope so it all depends on the horse and the person
    My horse was started on the trail, and if I can make it possible he will still be doing trail until he can't hold a rider anymore and then im going to walk him out there, my trail horse means that much to me
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        11-22-2008, 05:47 PM
    Not read all answers, so I'll just write xD

    Yes, it is easier to trail ride - or rather; you decide how easy it should be.
    Of course you can make it difficult by riding a piaffe or make shoulder outs all the time, but generally you don't have to think that much about really training the horse. It'll get the muscle and power it needs by being on the trail.

    And you don't have to ride in any special way/make the horse look and move in a certain way. You can just do whatever is nice for you.Any beginner can ride a trail on a nice horse, but the same person can't ride a dressage program or jump on hrses good for that... so it is easier.

    You still need a good horse, but the horses head is more important than the body, In competitions, you can just force the body to obey and still be ''good'' at it, but I trail riding, that would take away the fun.

    And it takes a confident, corageous horse/and or rider. And not all trails work for the beginner :P

    But I much prefer trail riding, and I thinkit's good that people take the time to enjoy their horse ather than chasing ribbons.
        11-24-2008, 01:45 PM
    I also think that there's a lot of common sense that builds up in experienced trail horses and riders. You learn how to judge terrain and cope with lots of different situations.

    You also need a horse that's sure footed and reasonably comfortable and smooth to ride. It doesn't matter how flashy the gait is if you can't stay in the saddle over uneven ground for several hours a day.

    For me the more 'hardcore' trail riding involves a group of people driving a herd of loose horses along(and then rotate out the ridden horses into the herd every few hours so they don't get too tired and you can keep going quite fast all day) and that requires a lot of know how and skill to manage as well.
        11-25-2008, 07:24 PM
    Plus this is much nicer scenery than the rails of an arena don't you think? This was taken today by my hubby with his camera phone. Even with the poor quality its a pretty picture. The water was so flat it was like looking down at the sky.
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        11-25-2008, 07:30 PM
    Whoa Vida that is a pretty picture!!
    And I don't think that quality is bad. Way better than my camera phone. And pretty much the same as my digital camera. Although that thing is really a piece..it may be better than that lol!

    Anyway, trail riding can be tough..it takes a lot of trust from your horse but I also think it is way more relaxing and enjoyable. Arena work does take a lot of precision, but then again so does trail riding as you need to be careful sometimes maneuvering difficult spots. I really don't think trail riding is easier and I do consider it a discipline.

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